Reality tricks echo UnREAL satire

Sleep deprived contestants and constructs that elicit emotional reactions -all part of Reality TV manipulation.

Sleep deprived contestants and constructs that elicit emotional reactions -all part of the manipulation of Reality TV.

The claims are nothing new -US satire UnREAL, which screens on Stan is built around the genre’s fabrication- but News Corp details further examples today in an article quoting ‘insiders.’

Former My Kitchen Rules contestant Emily Cheung says she and her sister were cast as the ‘token Asians’ and pushed into cooking Asian dishes, which are not their speciality.

She claims the night before their instant restaurant they were told to cook smoked quail, which landed them a 2 out of 10 score.

“Manu asked me: “What happened? What went wrong?’” recalls Cheung. “I said ‘We’ve never cooked quail before’. He said: ‘Why would you choose it?’ I said: ‘We didn’t’.

“’They (producers) said ‘We can’t air that, we’ll have to do it again.”

On the topic of diverse casting, an insider says, “Are there rules? Absolutely.

“Does the network hate to break them? Absolutely. If we do we have to go in really hard at the network about why we want to break them.

“Look how many people who are cast are not white, Anglo Saxon.”

However Reality as a genre usually includes more diversity -consider MasterChef or So You Think You Can Dance– because it by-passes traditional casting routes followed by Drama. The Block producers have previously said cooking shows usually attract more Asian applicants than renovation shows.

An Apprentice participant says producers had already decided who they wanted to win when he was eliminated.

“I had all the answers in the boardroom so then they’d have to rewrite the scripts for (Mark) Bouris to reply” he says. “I found it a little bit disappointing that they’d already come up with an outcome and kept rewriting the boardroom scenes to suit themselves. They were just trying to make me look like an arse.”

Former Apprentice participant Brian Mannix previously slammed producer tactics.

“They would deliberately lie to stall or distract you. None of my fellow contestants gave me the shits. But the crew did. The food did, too,” he said.

“We didn’t even have anything to do. We stood around doing sweet f… all. They wear everybody out, so they crack.”

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  1. wow, producers are producing TV shows to get ratings and results; who would have thought !!! Seriously, have none of the people who apply for their 15 seconds of fame actually watch any of these shows or do any research before hand. I get it if the show is completely brand new and no-one has seen it before but most the shows that people are complaining about have been around for years and past contestants have already spoken out about what happens and complain about being edited to appear one way or another.

    BTW – I was surprised Nine, being part owner of Stan, didn’t schedule unREAL against The Bachelor as ambush scheduling ! unREAL is a really good show and after watching it, you can see alot of the reality tv tricks – kinda like pulling the curtain back to reveal the wizard !

  2. I think newspapers need to realise that, yes, we get it… reality TV is far from reality and all sorts of underhanded tricks are at play. Articles like this have been doing the rounds since Big Brother was a baby!

    Having said that, everytime I see an ad about the latest “shock” storyline or read a click bait tweet or headline about The Bachelor I just think to myself ‘yep, good work “Rachel”…!’. haha

    1. We may get it Andrew, but it is crystal clear that the “average viewer” doesn’t.

      How many of us around the water cooler hear comments about “..that bitch…” or “…those cheats…” etc and roll our eyes knowing that there is much more to the story.

      People do not get it. It’s that simple. Same as how the Nigerian Scam (or its cousins) still draw the suckers in.

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