Renewed: Dancing with the Stars


Seven is backing its variety reality series Dancing with the Stars for 2016 despite underperforming numbers this season.

A Seven spokesperson tells News Corp, “Another series of Dancing With The Stars was never in doubt — of course it is back next year.

“It is a reliable rater and it has a legion of fans. The US version is up to its 21st season and that is where we see the Australian series heading.”

The early renewal contrasts the show not worthy of a mention in last year’s 2015 Upfronts.

The US version of course has run twice a year since it began in 2005. The Australian series is actually older, having been the very first Dancing with the Stars in 2004, renamed from the UK’s Strictly Come Dancing.

The 2015 season has drawn its lowest ever ratings and attracted some comment surrounding new host Shane Bourne, moving the Live band from centrestage and the annual questions about the celebrity status of its cast. But it has also had to contend with The Voice and a later starting time.

Next week Seven has its first ever Monday grand final 6 days earlier than originally planned.


  1. Shame it’s not rating as well as it did; they actually have four finalists who can really dance [although the least famous being the best of all suggests the show is ready for a change of title].

  2. Shane was a bad choice for this as host – they I guess are kind of “pot committed” with him, it would look bad if they were to turf him next year, but he really kind of sleep walks through it. It needs pizzazz and energy, dare I suggest Daryl bought back? If not, and they want someone younger, Shura Taft even?

    It needs a fair bit of fixing, agree the band should be put back where it was previously.

  3. Good call from 7. DWTS was good end of year fodder for seven over the last few years and it should never have been brought back to mid-year against the Voice.
    Revamp it for next year with a new host and a better cast and I reckon it’s got a few more years left in it yet.
    This year has been poor – When Ash Pollard is your most recognizable female celeb, then you know you are in trouble.

  4. Put some real Celebrities on the show next year that will lift the ratings I have only heard of 2 of them this year they were Larry Emdur & John Paul Young the rest I have never heard of & I am not bothered which of the none celebrities wins this year – Shane Bourne I think has done a great job hosting the show

  5. the show has revived itself before and can probably do it again, but it will need a lot of work. DWTS has been asleep at the wheel this year, did they even make a promo or screentest shane? next year it might follow the rio olympics which would give it the push it needs.

    I think it is best suited to later in the year, A mid-September start, light entertainment shows like this are more vulnerable to competition.

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