Returning: The Big Bang Theory, Two & a Half Men, Lip Sync Battle.

Plus David Attenborough's Life Story and CSI bumped to new timeslots.


It’s a Big Bang war.

Just a day after 7mate begins screening reruns, Nine will premiere Season 9 -at 8:40pm Tuesday October 6.

“The Matrimonial Momentum”
Penny struggles with Leonard’s confession that he kissed another woman as they prepare to get married in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, Sheldon doesn’t know what to do after Amy pushes pause on their relationship.

It will be followed by a Season 8 repeat then premiere episodes of Two and a Half Men -two episodes in some cities and three in others.

Lip Sync Battle also returns with a double episode, at 10:40pm in some cities and 11:10pm in others.

In this double episode English-born Stephen Merchant challenges Swedish beauty Malin Akerman and the king and queen of comedy go to war in a battle for the lip sync crown, Queen Latifah v Marlon Wayans.

David Attenborough’s Life Story, currently screening at 8:40pm Tuesdays, will move next week to a new timeslot of 7:30pm Fridays.

CSI, currently airing 9:40pm Tuesdays, will also move next week to 10pm Monday nights with a premiere and repeat.

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  1. And yet another reason why I love Foxtel – once a season starts it remains in that timeslot every week until it is finished. I believe Nine pulled Lip Sync Battle off after just 5 episodes, so what are the chances people watching live are going to hunt it down – especially in late night? And why do Nine think viewers would want a repeat episode of CSI after a brand new one? I think I speak for everyone when I say just play double new episodes so we can get to the finale, then use that timeslot for The Mentalist or another series which they are extremely behind on.

  2. Very surprised to see 2.5 Men that early in the schedule-it really is well past its prime and not very funny-would have thought the lipsynch battle show would have been better before it and, indeed, this may happen when ‘Men’ tanks in that slot as it most surely will.

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