Seven, Nine spinning the numbers


It’s a Friday and it’s been a while, so here are the latest graphs released by Seven and Nine about their various successes.

Seven’s graph tracks Total People in primetime for the three commercial networks (only) across the first 30 weeks of ratings from 2003 – 2015, excluding Easter. As usual Seven is red, Nine is blue and TEN is yellow.

Seven’s share is 1.5% ahead of Nine at the moment, on that formula. It also reiterates TEN’s position as being the only commercial network to lift its share this year.
2015-09-18_1326Meanwhile Nine has sent through a table comparing the number of nights Hot Seat won over Million Dollar Minute, across the latter’s two year run.

It shows Million Dollar Minute had the most triumphs over Hot Seat last year (27) but this year slipped back to just 8.

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