TEN’s Bachelor has the X Factor


TEN’s Bachelor has scored another season high.

At 1.05m viewers last night it was the top-rating non entertainment show of the night, beating X Factor and The Block. Tonight’s grand final looks set to top Thursday shows.

ABC’s Gruen again drew a big crowd at 915,000, helping Utopia to another timeslot win. But that left Celebrity Apprentice as effectively third in its timeslot with 566,000 viewers.

Sunrise continues its dominance this week, broadcasting from New York yesterday and The Chase is still enjoying a good launch week.

Seven network takes its fourth straight night in a row with a 27.8% share then Nine 25.5%, TEN 21.3%, ABC 19.4% and SBS 5.9%.

Seven News (1.01m / 988,000) was best for Seven then The X Factor (934,000), Home and Away (820,000), Dogs Make You Laugh Out Loud 2 (617,000) and The Chase (613,000 / 448,000). Britain’s Busiest Airport: Heathrow was 294,000.

Nine News (1.05m / 1.03m) topped Nine’s night followed by A Current Affair (984,000), The Block (807,000), Celebrity Apprentice (566,000) and Hot Seat (520,000). My Online Bride was 252,000.

The penultimate Bachelor drew 1.05m viewers for TEN. The Project was 686,000 / 498,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 537,000, Madam Secretary was 386,000 / 256,000. Hawaii Five-0 was just 112,000.

Gruen (915,000) was again best for ABC then ABC News (863,000), Utopia (797,000), 7:30 (733,000), Kitchen Cabinet (615,000) and a repeat of Q & A (339,000).

On SBS it was Treasures of Ancient Greece (231,000), 24 Hours in Police Custody (169,000), Bosch (152,000), and SBS World News (135,000).

ABC2’s Peter Rabbit hopped to the top of multichannels with 236,000.

Sunrise: 389,000
Today: 298,000
ABC News Breakfast: 126,000 / 53,000

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 16 September 2015


  1. jezza the first original one

    I would like to produce and direct a couple of Bach eps, from the perspective of the characters from The Inbetweeners. Needless to say, it would not be family viewing and it would be open season on Osher when he comes into the room to tell someone that they didn’t get a rose. It would involve 4 blokes collectively known as The Desperates and around 20-30 women. There is more, but I doubt it is likely to get published

    • My favourite part of every episode is when Captain Obvious walks into the room and tells the poor unchosen girl standing there that she didn’t receive a rose. Priceless.

  2. The people who sell formats internationally are like hedge fund managers, convincing people to buy things that don’t really exist. No matter how well cast or produced they are, all episodes of The Apprentice are really about Donald Trump and what he represents to the American ideal. Without a panto figure like that, an international version can’t really hope to compete, can it?

    • Sure but last night those Dogs were more famous than the celebrities.
      Season 1 was well cast for people in their 30’s. We knew who those people were. A rugby player and an AFL player with a decent profile. Warrick Capper, even Julia Morris you could remember from IMT. Lisa Curry, Pauline Hanson , Demi Hynes. All people relatively well known. Season 2 – Also not bad. Season 3 also pretty good. This one? Where’s your Dawn Frasers, Patti Newton older person? Where’s your sports star the whole country knows? It’s not even attractive on a car crash level. It’s just sad. They probably needed either more money to pay the contestants.

  3. I caught 10 minutes of Celebrity Apprentice whilst waiting in Pizza Hut last night and am so glad of my decision to avoid it completely. I have actually gotten hooked on The Chase. I like the lack of emphasis on big bucks and simply like playing along and counting my own score against the contestants.

  4. Secret Squïrrel

    Gruen was great but Utopia was a let down. I’d stopped watching but gave it another go last night. It really is just the same, now lame, jokes every ep. There’s some office social-responsibility initiative that takes over and makes it harder for everyone to do their job, Tony has trouble with some new technology, Jim wants them to drop everything at the last minute and do something else, and Rhonda is an arsehole.

    The acting, camera work, and directing are all good – it’s just being let down by the writing. I’m usually a fan of Working Dog but I expect better than this.

    • I watched “Utopia” for the first time last night. I didn’t laugh once, and ended up falling asleep. I really wanted to like it, too. “Parks & Recreation” is probably my all-time favourite, dealing with government office politics and micro-management, and I was hoping this would be similar.

  5. I can’t believe I watched Celebrity Apprentice over Gruen! I totally forgot it was on, even though I saw posts on twitter just hours before. I even flicked through the channels and must have skipped ABC!

  6. bettestreep2008

    Totally agree with everyone re Ten’s repeats the past few weeks. If they had first run shows after their well rating Spelling Bee, Bachelor and TBL – they’d really give Seven and Nine a headache.

  7. I don’t think the CBS content deal suits TEN to be honest, the target demographics seem a bit different. Though CBS and 20th Century TV haven’t had the best luck with new shows the last couple of years anyway so I guess they didn’t have much to work with.

  8. Good to see The Chase doing well. Compelling viewing. One thing I don’t get is all the hate towards AOK everything he’s on rates-just look at DOND and Weekend Sunrise, both of which have/continue to perform very well.

        • Didn’t “Million Dollar Minute” always rate higher the more money a contestant had the potential to win? I’m not liking our version of “The Chase”. It seems very inconsistent. The chaser will get extremely difficult questions correct, then conveniently get a very easy one incorrect just before they’re about to “catch” the contestant.

          • Game shows traditionally rate higher when big jackpots are at stake yes, such as $500k or upwards. Viewers like to see people win, which may be a concern if Chase keeps giving an anti-climax.

          • I think the appeal of The Chase is seeing whether anyone will ever beat the Chaser. People want to keep watching to see if anyone can beat the Chaser.

        • The success of the show has nothing to do with winning money. The UK version has worked well due to its charismatic host and the role of the chasers who you find your actually hoping will out play the contestants. It’s just a matter of time on whether most viewers watching the Australian version will take in this unique concept! Personally i prefer the UK version. I just find AOK irritating..always have……always will.

        • I get the feeling this week has been all about showing just how good the chasers are so they were never going to get beaten in the first week although Goliath (Matt Parkinson) only had half a second to spare in his final chase.

  9. My wife (honestly not me) was watching Bachelor last night and the commercial just before the rose ceremony was the promo for tonight saying, “who will he choose? – Lana or Snez”. 10 can hardly be upset if the winner gets leaked when they can’t even prevent themselves from leaks.

  10. Considering that lastnights bachelor was part of the finale and won victory by a small margin over X factor wouldn’t be considered an overwhelming victory. The finale episode figures tonight without a doubt will be higher. I forgot to turn over to the celebrity apprentice whilst watching the x factor which I did not realise continued to 9pm and being traced by the dogs make you laugh out loud.

  11. Surely TEN could have found something by now to replace Madam Sec repeats. Don’t get me wrong, I love the show, but I for one am not watching the repeats immediately after the season finished. And it shows that I’m not the only one given the Bachelor has 1m viewers and yet only 300k stick around (that’s a 60% drop off). And as a result new eps of Hawaii Five-0 are even lower (which also isn’t helped by the 10:30pm timeslot). If TEN want to keep the timeslot for crime/drama series why not pick up second run rights to Chicago PD (it has tie ins to SVU), or even The Night Shift – they have to be better than repeats.

      • Not only repeats but encores. Ten now have Neighbour’s playing in the mornings. Don’t they know Lots have PVR’s and can watch catch up Online? No wonder people download off the net.

      • I just had a look at next weeks schedule – the only new overseas shows to air on TEN in primetime Monday-Thursday are either in late night (H50 & Zoo) or is moving to Eleven the following week (Scream Queens). The rest of the schedule is Law & Order: SVU, NCIS, NCIS:LA, and NCIS:NO repeats. What a waste.

    • The don’t have rate better and often don’t. The repeats are free and holding the slots and fans for when Ten wants to show new eps.

      New eps of Two and Half Men, Mom, 2 Broke Girls, Arrow, Gotham, Aquarius, Grim, Bosch, Master of Sex, Catastrophe, Empire, The Mysteries of Laura etc. have all done worse. The Honourable Women and CSI Cyber have prime 8:30pm and are only doing marginally better.

      Fast tracking Quantico and The Player are going to make them better shows, or save them from Daylight Savings. Ten is fast tracking Scream Queens but for Eleven not Ten because they don’t expect it to rate highly.

      Views will only commit to watching a few shows live, yet the US alone is churning out 400+ shows a year. 300k is typical. 800 Words and Peter Allen are doing well but for every hit there are plenty of Wonderlands, Gallipolis and Glitches.

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