The Bachelor chooses Snezana

34 year old single mother Snezana was the final choice by The Bachelor‘s Sam Wood in TEN’s dating reality show, last night.

Wood, 35, picked the scientific sales rep from Perth over 27 year old communications assistant Lana, in the season finale.

This year there was no marriage proposal, but he did offer a ring and told her he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

“I feel like now is just the beginning for Snezana and I, and I can definitely see us spending the rest of our lives together,” the children’s fitness instructor said.

His choice followed a finale with two dates and both girls meeting his family. In keeping with the show’s format Sam Wood kept viewers guessing until the end, with intimate dates and conflicting emotions across the episode.

In the end he said his decision was “following his heart” no matter where it led him.


Snezana was the first girl he had met in the season premiere, while Lana was one of several intruders.

“I have found true love and it feels amazing. It feels better than anything in the world,” said Macedonian-born Snezana.

Lana, from Sydney, said, “I think I am feeling a little bit numb right now. To fall for someone so quickly and so intensely, and then it all be cut off so quickly, is really quite painful. I am sad that it’s over because I feel like it could have been the start. But it’s the end.”

TEN’s third season has been its most successful so far, with excellent ratings and media coverage. A fourth season is now casting, while spin-off series The Bachelorette begins next week.


  1. Ten and Shine really have done a great job with The Bachelor. It has gone from a show people were mocking before the season one premiere to trending at number 2 worldwide on Twitter. Producers had their work cut out casting a bachelor viewers would find appealing after the fiasco of last season. They did exceptionally well.
    Ten bit the bullet this year and invested in some new content eg I’m A Celeb, Gogglebox, Shark Tank, Spelling Bee and have seen huge improvements on last years ratings – they were dead and buried 12 months ago. It’s fabulous to see Ten back in the game and giving Seven and Nine a run for their money. Now if they just concentrate on once again producing some quality Aussie drama to fill the 8:30pm void.

  2. The biggest abut climax was ten programming Law & Order SVU straight after. From finding true love to sexual assault within minutes was quite alarming. I guess this year there is no reunion special. Ten should have aired one Sunday night; it’s not like they have anything better.

  3. Although the ratings don’t reflect this I find the earlier parts of the season more enjoyable, it just starts to feel really awkward and voyeuristic when it’s down to a few girls. I also is a bit more difficult to watch as girls who are actually invested in the Bachelor as a person, rather than as a prize, get let go. IMHO.

    Glad for Ten it’s done so well, didn’t like to see them in the complete doldrums

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