The Chaser’s Media Circus: Sept 10


First guests for this season of The Chaser’s Media Circus are Ben Fordham, Mia Freedman, Zoë Norton Lodge, Peter Berner joining Julian Morrow and Andrew Hansen.

According to a cheeky press release, this week the team even awarded themselves a Logie for their upcoming show.

“Dyson Heydon really inspired us to look inside ourselves and find the arguments to justify giving ourselves this award,” said the show’s Fact Checker, Chas Licciardello.

“A lot of people claimed we were too biased to award ourselves this Logie, but we dismissed those criticisms based on some law from the 18th Century,” said host Craig Reucassel.

“We couldn’t find anyone who had actually watched the show,” said Executive Producer Julian Morrow. “But the hypothetical bystanders loved it.”

“This is a huge shock,” said panelist Andrew Hansen. “When we nominated ourselves I was surprised, but when we gave ourselves the win, it just really took my breath away.”

8pm Thursday September 10th on ABC.

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