The Chaser’s Media Circus: Sept 17


You just know that Gruen (which films tonight) and Media Circus (which films tomorrow) will be having a field day with political gags this week and frantically adjusting their segments.

Charlie Pickering must be spewin’….

Come one, come all to the ABC on Thursday at 8pm for The Chaser’s Media Circus. This week’s guests on The Chaser’s Media Circus are Chris Bath, Tom Gleeson, Hugh Riminton, Alex Lee, Ben Jenkins and Andrew Hansen.

The producers of The Chaser’s Media Circus also make the following statement:

There is no foundation to the rumours that Chas Licciardello has the numbers to oust Craig Reucassel from his hosting position. There will be no leadership challenge before the Canning by-election.

8pm Thursday ABC.

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