Too angry to watch season finale, Noni welcomes Place to Call Home’s new ending


In a rare instance for drama fans, this Sunday A Place to Call Home will air its alternate season finale.

A new cliffhanger for Foxtel will re-write the ending that viewers saw on Seven in 2014.

“We were asked by the network to film alternate endings for the second series finale which sent shivers through everybody,” Noni Hazlehurst told TV Tonight.

The first ending tied up its story stands hurriedly and unrealistically, after Seven axed the show. But writer Bevan Lee had already mapped out subsequent seasons.

“I believe Bevan thought it would never be used, so it was fairly summarily done by all of us, I suspect,” she says.

“So it’s been sitting there in the archives waiting to be put together.

“I never watched the last episode. I couldn’t watch it. I heard the disappointment of all the fans, loud and clear and I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I was pretty angry.”

But their prayers have been answered.

Next week SoHo airs An Audience with the Cast of A Place to Call Home with Season 3 to begin a week later.

A Place to Call Home airs 8:30pm Sunday on SoHo.


  1. I think most people were ‘angry’ at that ending….but sadly…I will not see any more of the show….
    I could have nipped out and watched the filming at Camelot…but that would just rub salt in the wound…

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