Upfronts on the way


With September ticking over it means Upfronts are not far away, the annual showcase of new and returning titles to advertisers.

TEN is first cab off the rank with the invitations this year, sending out “Save the Dates” for its event at The Star in Sydney on November 19th, also where it held its jungle-themed 2014 event.

TEN has a much better pitch to advertisers this year as the only commercial network to grow its prime time audience in 25 to 54s and total people.

TEN has enjoyed its best first-half ratings performance since 2012 with new titles including I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, Shark Tank and Gogglebox all lifting the network..

MasterChef has scored the highest rating non-sport program so far this year and The Bachelor also up on 2014.

There’s no word yet what will comprise its Upfronts showcase but there will be interest on those Offspring rumours and the network needs to re-energise its Drama slate.

Other networks are yet to confirm their plans for their annual events, all of which will send the rumour mill into overdrive.


  1. Who watches FTA these days? Absurd and excessive watermarking; Constant program brainwashing in the form of “five minute sneak previews” and encores; Deliberate attempts not to run programs on time to force you to continue watching their station — no wonder people have been switching off and moving to streaming services. So nice to watch Presto (scored 6 months free trial) without watermarks and no advert breaks.

  2. Goodbye TEN, Ive never steamed so much as I have the past 3 months ……I won;t watch any of your reality rubbish, come to think of it, the only thing I watch from you is SVU …. a scripted drama ……

  3. Every year the care factor for what’s happening next year is getting less especially when its all about reality and maybe 1 short run drama if were lucky. At the moment and probably for the remainder of the year free to air looks pretty rubbish. As a viewer I want some decent tv now not the possibility of some crap reality show that’s going to air in 6months.

    • The rubbish Ten air that enjoys high ratings shows the sad state of local viewers. Meanwhile nothing else rates as the rest of us jump online to view shows in a timely manner without 20 minutes of ads stuffed in and constant schedule changes.

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