VMAs generate bumper tweets (but was it really a record?)


Monday’s MTV Video Music Awards was a social media hit generating 344,000 tweets across a host of topics surrounding its star-studded event.

Tweets surrounding Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and 5 Seconds of Summer sent VMA-related tweets skyhigh, -even widely reported as the most volume of TV-related Tweets in Australian television history.

While 344,000 was undoubtedly a bumper figure, did it really outdo other shows such as My Kitchen Rules, MasterChef Australia, The Voice and Q & A? Especially given it was on Pay TV during the daytime? That’s less clear.

Working in the VMAs favour were the superstar performers, the subject of multiple trending topics. That makes comparisons to a single #MKR or #MasterChefAU hashtag much harder to compare. An MTV spokesperson confirms not all of the 344,000 tweets included the #VMAs hashtag. But the stars helped drive a perfect social media storm.

There are also qualifications on the period, with the tweets compared since Neilson TV Twitter ratings was established in Australia: November 2014. That gives the VMAs a shot at the year’s record, rather than across history.

Globally, the show was a social media superstar at 47 million tweets, pooling it various topics.

“As stars and fans gathered to celebrate the year’s most-loved music videos at the 2015 MTV VMAs, Twitter provided a front row seat to the festivities and the social soundtrack for all of the live reactions,” said Tony Broderick, Head of TV Partnerships at Twitter Australia.

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