2.64m as AFL Grand Final leads 2015 ratings


Seven’s AFL Grand Final has scored the biggest TV audience of 2015.

A whopping 2.64m viewers watched Hawthorn defeat West Coast Eagles, 107 points to 61.

In Melbourne there was a staggering 1.23m viewers watching with 456,000 in Perth. Sydney drew 372,000 viewers. Adding in Regional viewers, the numbers rose to 3.52m viewers.

Seven won the evening, even without the daytime AFL, with a 32.9% share.

The numbers eclipse State of Origin‘s 2.62m viewers in June -but were lower than 2014’s Grand Final at 2.81m viewers.

Tonight the NRL Grand Final gets its chance to top the numbers with the advantage of a primetime audience -but there are two Queensland teams playing. Last year it drew 2.45m viewers in preliminary numbers.

The biggest non-sports audience so far this year remains the MasterChef winner announcement at 2.12m viewers.

OzTAM Overnights: Saturday 2 October 2015


  1. I’m not surprised that Sydney figure for the AFL GF was bit down – most people were at the beach yesterday afternoon. Still an excellent figure for the game. NRL should get something around that 2.65 million figure tonight. Even though two Queensland teams playing tonight the game seems to have just as much if not better interest than the two Sydney teams playing last year.

  2. Channel 9 Brisbane will hit the million mark for the #NRLGF. Hope it surpasses the AFLGF.

    • Why? The AFL Grand Final wins every year, got 2.8m last year with an even bigger thrashing. It’s an all QLD NRL GF. No one in Adelaide / Perth will watch, pretty much the same with Melbourne.

      Sydney won’t get 1m, no NSW teams and failed to in 2012 with Melb Storm. Brisbane has never got 1m and it’s almost impossible.That would shatter records, considering that’s what Melbourne / Sydney get with more than double the population 😀

      Seven were lucky, but as always AFL is the #1 🙂

      • A few people may watch NRLGF from Ade/Per/Mel perhaps 55000, 87000 & 207000 respectively.

        • Well there you go, bragging rights confirmed…

          Despite the NRL nail-biter, AFL Grand Final smashed the NRL Grand Final (which was even lower than last year & lowest ratings in years).

          Even the adjusted figure 😀

          Seven will be happy this morning with all the numbers for the week

          • 2.64m was the lowest grand final rating since the 2007 117 point blow out. If the afl had a nail biter you would expect 3 million plus viewers.

  3. Not many people watched the Pre-Game Entertainment.
    I think The NRL GF will do better then this.

    • Where is Nine’s metro 2.64m going to come from?

      Thin air? With no interest from Melbourne, Adelaide or Perth. SOO Game 2 (also at the MCG) for 2.6m and that was a thriller with a NSW win…