7Live now available on mobile, desktop.


PLUS7 Live has already launched ahead of its official launch on Tuesday, without any geo-blocking yet active.

Last night TV Tonight was happily watching The Amazing Race on Queensland time at the same time as Grimm in Melbourne and Mighty Cruise Ships in Perth.

The streaming quality on desktop was good.

While viewers outside AEDT could potentially get the jump on broadcast playout, it may not last. Earlier this year Clive Dickens, Chief Digital Officer at Seven said, “For this test period we are initially allowing consumers to select their own local Seven stream of choice, this feature will be replaced by Geo location for the full service launch later in the year.”

PLUS7 Live officially launches on Tuesday on mobile app and via yahoo7.com.au/plus7 and 7live.com.au, cleverly allowing online viewing of the Melbourne Cup.

Ed Harrison, CEO of Yahoo7 said, “PLUS7 from Yahoo7 now delivers a seamless TV experience wherever our users are. The addition of PLUS7 Live is a true local innovation that will let Aussies watch their favourite Seven shows like Home and Away and 800 Words live or on demand – for free. The Melbourne Cup is the perfect opportunity to launch our new service, with an event that all Australians want to watch.”

Clive Dickens, added, “We know Australians love using their mobiles whilst enjoying live television and now they can do both on the same device especially when they are away from their home.”

OzTAM is expected to announce tracking of video plays soon.


  1. Excellent quality on my Samsung S5 very surprised only problem is it does not auto-rotate to widescreen need to do it by manually by tapping arrows on screen

  2. Works beautifully for me so far.
    Hope it keeps up, it will be nice to be able to stream tv to parts of the house where there aren’t antenna connections.

  3. In a window it was watchable, fullscreen it becomes a little jerky and pixellated. Quality was better in Chrome than in Firefox too. I suppose it’s ok if I was to find myself somewhere there’s no TVs (does such a place exist anymore?) But the real question is, why would I waste valuable bandwidth to watch Koch & Co?

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