ABC to pilot Eddie Perfect comedy


ABC will pilot the new comedy series written by Eddie Perfect, The Future is Expensive.

The 6 part series depicts Eddie, an inner city musician and father of two young daughters, who can’t seem to find validation in this post feminist world and in his confusion rarely knows what’s right.

Last year he told TV Tonight, “It’s loosely based on my life. But it’s a real extension of The Beast that I wrote for the Melbourne Theatre Company, which was about the implicit emptiness and banality of middle class life.

“That sounds like a barrel of laughs, doesn’t it?

“I actually went to write a pitch for it, but every pitch I wrote was so f***ing depressing because my comedy comes from a pretty dark place. The things that I find funny are misery, despair, disconnection and isolation. Can you ever know yourself? Do you really know who your wife is? Why are your friends your friends?

“What is this ridiculous dance of modern life and are any of us happy? Why accumulate stuff and just die?

“That’s what I think is really funny. But it doesn’t look too good on a Press Release.”

The series is being produced by Goalpast Pictures.

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