Airdate: Blindspot

Bumped: The Blacklist, The Player, Heroes Reborn and Aquarius.


Seven has finally confirmed a premiere for its next US drama, Blindspot.

It will premiere at 8:30pm Wednesday October 28th.

The show, starring Aussie Sullivan Stapleton, has enjoyed a solid start in the US and has been approved for a full season.

Update: The Blacklist moves to 9:30pm, The Player at 10:30pm and Heroes Reborn at 11:30pm.

The final two eps of Aquarius will move to Tuesday nights (to be announced).

Seven originally promised Blindspot would be fast-tracked into September.

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  1. I would have thought networks would programme new U.S. Dramas as soon as they could. Ratings always drop when daylight savings start. The Block and 800 words show that viewers will shows (I know they aren’t US)! I reluctantly start a new US drama as I know the programming changes and yanking of shows is a possibility. How to get Away with Murder was the last New U.S. Drama I started and look how they went…

  2. Better than the Muppets, which have disappeared as the ratings fall in the US.

    Monday night they would be worried that starting it at 9:15pm would mean that only a fraction of the X Factor audience would be able to watch it. Quantico is holding enough viewers to stay at 8:30pm on Sunday, Tuesday is 800 Words. That leaves Wednesday where they can put it on at 8:30pm with a good lead-in of the right demographic. They hope it will hold more viewers than The Blacklist is at the moment.

  3. wow. the Wednesday shows have been bumped up over and over, almost all starting at 8:30 originally. now played really late, why do they have to air them on Wednesdays anyway? aren’t other nights good enough? they should go the way 7two originally, airing low rated shows in early timeslots.

  4. I take it Heroes Reborn should say 11.30pm David?

    Wednesdays are now officially ridiculous! I can’t keep up with all the shows up against each other on one night. Network programmers, you are killing me putting everything on one night!

  5. Well, I just extend the recorder to take in the later playing of the Player.
    So that’ll be 3 shows on 7 Wednesday nights from 8.30 till 11.45.
    And 3 shows on TEN Wed nights from 8.30 till 11.45.
    And 2 shows on ABC Wed nights from 8.30 till 9.35.
    And 2 episodes of Fargo on SBS this Wed night from 8.30 till 10.40.
    Still OK with me.

  6. Third show in 4 weeks in that time slot. Clearly not working out as intended and unstable programming showing in ratings (the saying “rolling stones gather no moss” comes to mind here).

    And its nearly November – let alone being promised for September?

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