Airdate: Western Confidential

Nine has another WA special, due to air after the NRL Grand Final, this time with WAGs.


Nine has another WA special, Western Confidential, due to air after the NRL Grand Final on Sunday, taking opportunity of the time difference and programming availability.

This is a behind-the-scenes look at the wives of WA footballers.

Natasha Butler, Shae Brown and Rayne Embley, partners of Sam Butler, Mitch Brown and Andrew Embley respectively, are described as “more than WAGS, they are three of Perth’s most driven and influential women.”

This up-to-the-minute Nine Perth produced special was filmed in the last three weeks and will conclude this weekend with the women travelling to the AFL Grand Final where the Eagles will clash with the Hawks.

Nine’s exclusive access captures all the drama, glamour and pressure of life in the spot light for these three women and goes inside their lives during the most chaotic three weeks of the year in the lead up to the AFL finals.

Western Confidential follows each woman’s journey as they juggle their own hectic schedules with their partner’s demanding preparation for the finals. These women have seen and know the highs and lows of the AFL first hand.

Natasha Butler is one of Perth’s fashion’s biggest names, fronting her own Bruug label. Plus, she has to support husband and veteran Eagles defender Sam Butler, as he plays for a second AFL premiership medal.

Shae Brown is a crucial member of national netball franchise, West Coast Fever. Her husband, Eagles defender Mitch Brown suffered a season ending knee injury in Round One of 2015. In a year of mixed emotions for the couple, they have watched the Eagles triumphant season from the sidelines. The couple’s focus has turned to the launch of their own active wear label and supporting the team through the business end of the season.

Rayne Embley has experienced all the highs and lows of finals football, alongside husband and Norm Smith Medallist, Andrew. Now she is building her own career as an influential media personality, while bringing up three beautiful children. Rayne is a guiding voice for friends Tash and Shae as they get behind their life partners in the most demanding time of their careers.

Sunday, October 4 at 7:00pm on Nine (WA).

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  1. Jesus Christ haven’t we had enough of this AFL confected rubbish, now the Wives or Girl friends seriously who cares, roll on Summer no more AFL for a while thank Christ,I will say one thing more if I was 9 in Sydney who have just paid a great deal of money for NRL rights on FTA I think I might be pulling 9 Perth into gear over showing rival footy code.
    This kinda of crap would never happen in Melbourne

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