All the Reality drama of Monday

Ratings: Tears on the X Factor, clashes on TBL Families, but in the end they were eclipsed by bees.


Reality TV mentors turned on the drama last night with Chris Isaak fighting back tears of joy for his X Factor act, Cyrus Villanueva and TBL Families coaches in a publicised war of words.

The X Factor managed a cool 1.00m viewers for Seven but lost to The Block. TBL Families promos resulted in a solid lift from 499,000 to 607,000, a rare lift above The Project

In the end they were each eclipsed by Australian Story at 8pm with a story about beehives.

Meanwhile Tracy Grimshaw’s Oprah interview won its slot while at breakfast Today had some of its best Monday numbers in a long time, eclipsing Sunrise.

There wasn’t much splitting Seven and Nine primary channel shares last night -just 1% in Seven’s favour, but it was stronger in multichannels once again.

Seven network won with 30.1% then Nine 26.1%, ABC 20.5%, TEN 17.8% and SBS 5.6%.

Seven News (1.03m / 1.01m) was best for Seven then The X Factor (1.00m), Home and Away (767,000), The Big Bang Theory (681,000 / 492,000 / 419,000) and The Chase (620,000 / 408,000). Grey’s Anatomy was 193,000.

Nine News (1.01m / 1.07m) led for Nine then A Current Affair and The Block (both 1.02m), Hot Seat (542,000) and Married at First Sight UK (508,000). CSI was 260,000 / 205,000.

Australian Story was strong at 1.03m for ABC then 7:30 (935,000), ABC News (916,000), Four Corners (726,000), Media Watch (633,000) and Q & A (485,000).

Have You Been Paying Attention? which was tops for TEN with 686,000 viewers. TBL Families was 607,000, The Project was 546,000 / 430,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 492,000. Homeland was 220,000.

On SBS it was Dogs: Their Secret Lives (258,000), Rise of the Machines (191,000), Worst Place to Be a Pilot (183,000) and SBS World News (132,000).

Today: 343,000
Sunrise: 333,000
ABC News Breakfast: 101,000 / 38,000

A Touch of Frost on 7TWO led multichannels at 271,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 26 October 2015

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  1. Tbl not dead yet. Ten would be happy considering the 200k numbers last year. Good numbers for TBBT.. Was watching Studio Ten last night its got a new brighter set and the hosts have switched chairs which was a bit weird.

  2. Australian Story last night was a brilliant story, told extremely well. Very refreshing to see the strand constantly rate well as it’s hands down some of the best telly produced in this country – miles ahead of the dross commercial networks churn out.

  3. “Australian Story at 8pm with a story about beehives.”

    Just a little dismissive David? How about a story of Australian ingenuity which transforms beekeeping? With a pull of the lever honey simply drains into a jar. The inventor then goes crowd-funding on the internet to get $70k capital and instead gets US$12.2 million. That’s the story.

    1. All of that was in the dedicated Aus Story post under Programming. Ratings wraps are not designed as synopses summaries. In fact I was making a point that for all the histrionics of reality TV mentors, it can be eclipsed by bees. Doesn’t work so well with the effusive description….

  4. I was one of the 47 people who stayed up to watch How to Get Away with Murder 11.45pm start last night. Why did we need 3 repeats of Big Bang before it? Surely 1 is enough. Some of us have to get up early Seven.

  5. The tv didn’t get turned on last night. The only reason for me to turn on the tv would have been to watch Grey’s Anatomy but a 10.30pm timeslot was way too late.

    I still can’t see why 7 can’t allocate a shonda night on a multichannel and have all three shows air in a better timeslot. But then 7 shows its viewers time and time again that they don’t give a stuff about viewers.

    1. It also really really really annoys me that greys isn’t being fast tracked properly. These days watching a tv show isn’t just about seeing an episode. With certain shows its also about going online, reading reviews and others thoughts on the episode, seeing promos for the next (as 7 doesn’t provide any anymore) or sneak peaks. No matter how much I try to search for information related to the specific episode I’ve recently seen on 7 just by how the internet and google search works I will always see spoilers. This ruins the enjoyment of current episodes and future episodes. Channel 7 get out of the dark ages and realise the internet is global.

    2. If you know how to use the internet you don’t have to wait for 7. Remember that the TV channels are not there as a public service, they are businesses trying to screw the last drop of blood from advertisers. The public comes a distant last.

    3. TV Networks care about viewers. Ratings are the tool in place to judge how many viewers they have. Greys Anatomy hasn’t rated well for a while, hence the past 10pm timeslot. And why fast track something that doesn’t rate? 7 only wants eyeballs on their Network at the highest possible price, doesn’t involve internet forums…..

        1. Thanks??? If hes a realist in how TV Networks work then I’m fine with that. Why would 7 put something that clearly doesn’t rate on any earlier? The reason it isn’t on a multichannel is because it wouldn’t rate higher than what is currently on at 7.30/8.30 on Mondays, pretty simple really!

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