Amazing Stories reboot in development

1980s anthology series in development with Bryan Fuller.


Another revival is in the pipeline -this time NBC is developing a new version of Amazing Stories.

Bryan Fuller (Hannibal, House) will executive produce and write a pilot script of the anthology series telling fantastic, strange and supernatural stories.

The 1985 original ran for two seasons and was created and executive produced by Steven Spielberg, who is not involved in the reboot.

Like The Twilight Zone, Amazing Stories unravels a completely different tale each week. Netflix recently commissioned a new series of the UK’s Black Mirror while a new version of Tales from the Crypt did not proceed at The CW.

Source: EW

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  1. I recall TEN used to rerun this in the very early nineties on Saturday nights when I was young. I don’t really remember the stories but recall enjoying the show. I had recently thought they should remake The Twilight Zone with new stories and re-shoots of the most well known stories like John Lithgow on the plane with the monster on the wing.

  2. Excellent news, was only a bit ago I commented on something about Wayward Pines that it would have made a good Twilight Zone and that it would be good to see that come back (or Tales From The Dark side). Now we have Amazing Stories and an extended Black Mirror series, looks like the universal mind out there in the cosmos has thought the same, that for today’s audience these type of shows would be a perfect fit.

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