Aussie producers to study Danish model

Screen Producers Australia, & ABC TV, are off to London & Copenhagen to explore investment and co-production opportunities.

A delegation of producers, together with ABC execs, is off to London & Copenhagen to explore international investment and co-production opportunities.

The initiative is organised by Screen Producers Australia, the UK’s PACT (Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television), the Danish Producer’s Association, the Danish Film Institute and Ministry of Culture and supported by Screen Australia.

SPA CEO Matthew Deaner said, “Screen Producers Australia members have had incredible success in the U.K. over the past decade. Many television productions have received excellent time slots and universal admiration, ground breaking interactive commissions from U.K. companies have lead the world in innovation, Australian children’s live drama and animation production is envied and feature films have charmed and terrified British audiences in equal measure.

“This London engagement program will build on that success, furthering our friendly and constructive relationship with PACT and its members and provide real openings for developing mutually beneficial business opportunities.”

Australian producers have long been looking toward the success of shows such as The Killing and Borgen as examples of successful international dramas from public broadcasters.

“With direct government involvement through the Danish Ministry of Culture, the trip to Copenhagen will offer an opportunity for Australian production businesses to meet with Danish producers in this exciting market which is rarely, if ever, engaged with by the local industry.

“The delegations from the UK and Denmark are substantial both in numbers but also in terms of the experience and expertise of the producers attending. There is a genuine desire from heavy hitters in both countries to meet Australian producers and explore business opportunities between our countries.”

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  1. A lovely and scandalous junket. You really don’t know whether to laugh or cry. If ABC executives need to go to Denmark to study their drama production model then it really is time for them to all resign. The model is simple. Develop well researched, well written scripts that are authentic, original, credible and insightful. The SBS series The Principal falls within such a model and they can’t afford a trip to Wollongong.

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