Axed: Extant


No surprises to hear that Extant has been cancelled after two seasons.

But CBS is sticking with Halle Berry who will executive produce a new legal drama.

“CBS, Halle Berry and the producers have decided to conclude the Extant story after last season’s exciting and fitting conclusion,” CBS Entertainment president Glenn Geller said. “Extant played an important role in expanding CBS’ lineup of original scripted programming in the summer. We are proud of the show’s success on the network, as well as its popularity on Amazon Prime Video. We also want to thank the incomparable Halle Berry for her commitment and support for the series, and look forward to working with her on our next project together.”

Extant premiered to 9.58 million US viewers, but ended the season with 5.45 million viewers.

“I am so proud of what we accomplished on Extant,” said Berry. “This season seemed such a natural place to end Molly’s journey that I, along with CBS, felt it best served the story to leave it there. I’ve loved this experience working with such a talented cast and creative team. ‎It was my first foray into episodic television, and I’m excited to continue my relationship with CBS, producing more compelling stories through my 606 Films production banner.”

It aired in Australia on TEN.

Source: Entertainment Weekly


  1. I personally reckon, They cancelled the show because people became to scared about what would happen when machines take over, just like they canned V, because the aliens wanted to take over the human race! ha ha .

    • Probably the usual options: enslavement, extermination, eating our brains, or forcing us to watch TV shows crammed with onscreen clutter.

      I’ll take anything except the last option. 🙂

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