Best Gogglebox lines: Oct 14


This week the Goggleboxers gave their verdict on The Verdict. And it wasn’t pretty.

How Not to Behave:
I used to like Gretel Killeen but I think she’s had her day. The government’s cut the ABC budget by a lot. So she’s probably as good as they’re gonna get.

The Bachelorette:
Time once again for the country’s guilty pleasure.
Can they call it a date when they all go out with the same girl?
What’s her name again? Shazza or something?
He looks like Dr. Chris Brown.

The Verdict:
Karl will be tired tomorrow.
You know Q&A on the ABC? It’s like that. The poor man’s version.
(Mark Latham) is an idiot, that man. I don’t even want to hear his opinion.
It’s not a Muslim problem. There are criminals who happen to be Muslim.
He’s just opened his mouth twice at the start of the show and already he’s a d***head.
She is a whacko.
How the f*** is a football player supposed to have an opinion on this?
What’s the criteria to be a panelist? Do you have to be an idiot?
Everyone’s talking over each other. I can’t follow it!
This show’s crap.
Karl say something! The hand’s not doing nothin’, Karl!
I don’t think this show will last another week. Lucky he’s got a job in the morning.
They should change this show’s name from The Verdict to The Yelling Match.

When Harry Met Sally:
Sam Frost wouldn’t like him.
This is one of the best movie scenes of all time.
Yes we do fake orgasms.

The Secret World of Lego:
24’s a bit old to play with Lego.
Clearly they have no life.
I’d build all the Kylie stages with all the costumes.
I’d build a pub.

Australian Story on Garry McDonald:
Anxiety is horrific.
(Mother & Son) was one of the best comedies I’ve ever seen.
I remember feeling very sad for him.
It’s so wonderful we can talk about it like it is just another health problem. Because it is.
I found that extremely interesting. Everything he said makes complete sense to me.
Medication, meditation and McDonalds. I find that really helps.

The Chase:
I love this game.
He’s so cheesy.
You’d rather Grant Denyer running the world.
She looks like one of The Biggest Losers.
She’ll shit this in.
After all that they go home with nothing.
5:00 is 70 year old heartland. They won’t even hear the questions let along answer them.

The Great Australian Bake-Off:
Another cooking show?
Claire Hooper and….? The girl in the pink cardigan.
No. I know where you’re going. Must be.
I like this show.

NB: The producer of Gogglebox is David McDonald, son of Garry McDonald.


  1. This weeks episode of gogglebox was better despite the fact they did not review any dramas. I watched it all except where they reviewed the chase. Have no interest in that show or 7s decision to split it into 2 ratings segments. Last season I watched all episodes in full even if I didn’t like the show they were reviewing. This season I’m fast forwarding certain shows they are reviewing.

  2. Is it just me who thinks it seems to have lost pace or something this season? They seem to be spending much longer on individual shows & covering every family’s comments on each – to the point of me looking for a clock to see how long they’ve been dragging it out for.

    The first season seemed snappier – a quick clip or two so you knew what they were talking about, the cream of the comments mixed with a couple of very short relevant clips, then boom! onto the next show.

  3. Every person working in tv – especially decision makers – should watch this show to see just how smart and observant their audience is. Aside from that it is so entertaining…and addictive!

  4. Surely they gave them advanced copies of The Great Australian Bake-Off because there’s no way it would’ve made this weeks show if they watched it on Tuesday.

    • Everything they watch is an advanced copy. This was stated in several interviews during the first season. It would be impossible to make the content so current if they watched the shows actual ‘live’ telecast.

      • No not true, the show does not have access to all the content from other networks. Plus how do you watch an advance copy of The Verdict, X Factor or The Project? They do watch in back to back sessions when producers bring them content they have selected (this was explained in an interview I conducted), but advance content would be for select titles, probably TEN / Foxtel.

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