Bumped: Heroes Reborn, The Blacklist.

Seven has bumped Heroes Reborn one day after its return, replaced with The Blacklist.


That was fast.

Despite all the hype, Seven has bumped Heroes Reborn one day after its return. Last night it drew just 444,000 and 372,000 viewers for two episodes.

The show will now move to 10:30pm following The Player next Wednesday night.

In its place will be The Blacklist, previously scheduled for Thursday nights. Also moving is Caught on Dashcam.

Wednesday October 7
7:30pm Border Security
8:00pm The Force
8:30pm The Blacklist
9:30pm The Player
10:30pm Heroes Reborn
11:30pm Aquarius

Thursday October 8
7pm Home and Away
8:30pm Highway Patrol special rpt
9:30pm Caught on Dashcam
10:30pm The Amazing Race
11:30pm Grimm

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  1. The moment I saw them promote Heroes Reborn for 8.30 Wed I knew I’d be chasing it around the schedule after the first week.

    Like many say, why can’t they just put these shows onto 7mate first time and be done with it leaving it in a stable timeslot. Oh … wait – even on those channels shows aren’t safe. Kinda glad I don’t write about all this stuff these days – other than comments here…

  2. What hype? I saw no promotion for Heroes – didn’t even know it was coming on till I stumbled in here! Perhaps these networks should take their radio ad budget and spend it on YouTube instead which is where I see 90% of my advertising – I certainly don’t watch channel seven unless they have something specific I’m interested in

  3. ch7 sure could do with a new series of Beauty and the Geek to fill that Thursday slot right now. Was it really necessary to murder a new series when they have digi chs?

  4. Seven should have tried The Player at 8:30pm, given The Blacklist hasn’t been a ratings winner of late. And surely The Amazing Race could be promoted up the order above a rerun of Highway Patrol and dashcam videos.

    1. The Blacklist was getting around 500k in a 9:30pm slot, with some +7s. It will do better than the 372k Heroes Reborn averaged for the second ep. It’s back to being an 8:30pm drama, though mostly because Seven’s fast-tracked extravaganza are looking very mediocre so far.

      Heroes Reborn is basically the same old stuff people got tired of 7 years ago, without the stars.

      So The Muppets and Blindspot on Monday??

    2. Yeah I agree when they air repeats over new content, you know they don’t really care about viewers and wonder how a repeat would gain advertisers, I still would love to see them try the 8:30 spot for TAR and promote (or will it be up against the Ch10 Dating show?)

  5. they could have at least moved it to 7mate for the 8.30 timeslot, they did the exact same thing with Agents of SHIELD, they moved it to a late slot within the first four episodes (which were atrocious) but after that the show got better and better.

    1. My preference would be an 8.30pm slot on a multichannel for a show like greys than it finishing post midnight like what happened earlier this year. I still think a shonda night on 7two with all 3 of her shows back to back was a good idea. Networks don’t seem interested in using multichannels this way. They are more interested in having their main channel as king and multichannels as an afterthought full of reruns. Networks will highlight when a multichannel helps their network shares, but aren’t interested in having alternative new programming cause it might take viewers away from their reality obsessed main channel. I don’t see the point of having multichannels cause they aren’t being used appropriately.

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