Cameras roll on more Janet King

In demand actress Marta Dusseldorp is back behind the cameras this week on the second season of ABC’s Janet King.

With a busy year, she has only just finished completing Jack Irish, and prior to that A Place to Call Home.

In the 8 part series, Janet is seconded from the DPP to lead a Royal Commission into a deadly upsurge in gun crime.

An ABC release indicates, “Conscripting solicitors Richard Stirling (Hamish Michael) and Lina Badir (Andrea Demetriades), and the ambitious Owen Mitchell (Damian Walshe-Howling) as Counsel Assisting, and with coercive powers Detective Andy Campbell (Christopher Morris) can only dream of, Janet and her team peel back the complex layers of intrigue underpinning the illicit trade in weapons. Compelled by her own demons to expose the truth, Janet must confront political and personal enemies that will lead to a shocking reveal that threatens all she holds dear.”

Completing the cast are Peter Kowitz, Leah Purcell, Terry Serio, Philip Quast, Anita Hegh, Aaron Jeffrey, Genevieve Hegney, Nicholas Hope and Ewen Leslie.

Series producer is Karl Zwicky, with Lisa Scott as producer, Hilary Bonney and Marta Dusseldorp as associate producers, and Greg Haddrick as executive producer for Screentime. Written by Haddrick, Stuart Page, Niki Aken, Felicity Packard and Jane Allen, the series is being directed by Peter Andrikidis, Ian Watson and Grant Brown.

Greg Haddrick said “Janet King resonated with audiences and critics alike, and we are delighted to be bringing back Australia’s favourite Crown Prosecutor for an explosive second season.”

Carole Sklan, Head of ABC TV Fiction said, “Marta Dusseldorp has become a much-loved presence on our screens, and we’re thrilled to have her returning with this brilliant cast for such a compelling drama.”

The series is will return in 2016.


  1. harrypotter1994

    Really looking forward to this and did see the press release online yesterday. Hoping some of the other originals return especially Ella Scott Lynch.

        • Secret Squïrrel

          So is the lead character! Not unexpected given that this grew out of the farce that was Crownies. What I meant was to get rid of the last remnants of Crownies that were bad (pretty much all of it actually).

          While Janet King was a vast improvement on Crownies, I felt that, in particular, the character of Erin seemed like a token hangover to keep fans of the prev series happy.

          So it’s more about not being enamoured with the feel of Crownies rather than specific characters (unless those characters have simply been transposed instead of being rewritten).

          • harrypotter1994

            No worries I was just curious. Ella (Erin) won’t be back just got a tweet from her saying she will be in The Code S2 instead

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