Catching Milat promo breaches Code in G-rated timeslot


A promo for M-classified miniseries Catching Milat which screened during a G-classified timeslot has breached the Code of Practice.

Media watchdog the Australian Communications and Media Authority found two Seven promos which screened during Better Homes and Gardens breached the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice.

ACMA ruled that each of the promotions, which aired at 7.30pm on 15 and 22 May this year on 7TWO, exceeded the classification requirements due to the frequency and intensity of their content. It found that cumulatively, the promotions exceeded a very mild viewing impact and had more than a very low sense of threat and menace to children.

But it cleared Seven over other promos broadcast from 8.50 pm on 17 and 24 May this year.

ACMA advises Seven will advise all staff involved in classification, program promotions and scheduling of code obligations.

“Taking into account Seven’s compliance history in relation to such matters, the ACMA considers these actions address the compliance issues raised by the investigation,” it said in a statement.

It’s not the first time a network has been slapped for running promos in the wrong classification including Nine’s Underbelly and TEN’s Ripper Street and Big Brother Big Mouth previously in breach of the Code.


  1. Maev....Sydney

    I don’t know about the kiddies…the few bits of those ads I caught…scared the darn heck out of me….
    I agree….not for young ones ….

  2. I wouldn’t even notice a breach like this, who would? Is it people paid to find these things or viewers with so little else to do but complain?

    • Parents are right to be concerned. I had a mother write to me only last week about another show, same problem. Where you have kids watching and something untoward hits their eyes, I’m sure it’s quite the issue.

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