Celebrity Apprentice: Oct 14


Maybe it’s just me, but now that Gabi Grecko has apparently split from Geoffrey Edelsten and both are throwing wild accusations at one another, Celebrity Apprentice is already feeling dated. There are claims and counter claims about the details of their relationship.

While Reality shows are happy to have controversy spike interest, none of these backflips really help us to believe what we are seeing now. Should we really expect anything less of the genre?

This week, the celebs are spruiking products at TVSN for the weekly challenge.

Our celebrities are used to selling themselves, but how will they go selling items they know very little about, to an audience they can’t see? That’s exactly what they’ll have to do when Mr Bouris puts them in front of the camera to present a 25-minute, home shopping segment on live TV. The big news is that Gabi’s back in the game and the celebrities know she’ll bring the drama, which may not be a bad thing considering this week’s challenge is all about pitching and performance.

Sophie’s wish to work with the boys on the Dream Team is granted, and in an attempt to dilute the feud between Tim and Richard, Mr Bouris sends Tim to Team Fearless. Mel and Richard take on the Project Manager roles for Team Fearless and the Dream Team respectively, but both seem more interested in getting their own presentations up to scratch than leading their teams well… leaving Tim and James to pick up the slack as the ‘producers’. Gabi is lost for words when she tries to take on the presenter role, which has her opposition in stitches, and her own teammates pulling their hair out. Meanwhile Sophie makes a huge mistake live on air and stumbles without direction.

8.40pm Wednesday on Nine

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  1. Did this actually go to air on TVSN or was it filmed just for CA? Also it’s not just you David this series has been a dud and based on Nine’s promos before the show had started they knew it too.

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