Chris Bath rumoured to be in international TV talks


Ex-Seven News presenter Chris Bath is rumoured to be overseas pursuing international TV opportunities.

News Corp speculates she is in London to meet with potential broadcasters, including CNN.

On social media she posted a photo of her passport and an Etihad flight ticket with the words “unexpected change of scenery.”

Bath has made no secret of the fact she has not concluded her media career, recently appearing on Studio 10 and Media Circus.

Source: News Corp


  1. Peter Ford ” speculates” once again. If she were to meet with CNN she would more than likely head to Atlanta or to Hong Kong. What of her husband, Jim Wilson, and her son? CNN does like Australians, however. CNNI executive VP & MD Tony Maddox says the Australian accent is useful on CNN because it is clear for those using English as their second language.
    As for reintroducing late commercial news, anyone wanting a late night news catch up these days will head to ABC24.

  2. Bathie posts a photo of a passport and a plane ticket, followed by a few snaps of London and next minute Newscorp, Peter Ford and co jump to conclusions. What on a Earth did ‘journalists’ do for a story before social media?

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