Fiery drama on Neighbours


A fire this week at Erinsborough High school is almost the stuff of soapie cliffhangers.

Tuesday night’s Neighbours episode will put characters in major peril. Who will make it out alive?

As the community bunkers down in the gym for the school sleep-out, they are unaware of the fire that has begun to spread. Tyler and Paige find themselves trapped in the lift and as smoke engulfs the small space, Tyler falls unconscious. Will he survive?

Toadie finds himself trapped in a stairwell and is left with no choice but to abandon his wheelchair in a bid to escape. As a large explosion rips through the school, he cries out for help. Will he be heard?

Terese and Lauren search for Piper among the chaos. An explosion rocks the corridor causing a number of school lockers to fall, pinning both women to the ground. When Brad realises that neither Lauren nor Terese have escaped, he returns to find them both unconscious. Struggling with smoke inhalation, he can only choose one woman to save.

6:30pm Tuesday on ELEVEN.

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