Food Network to launch on SBS November 17

SBS to launch Food Network brand in Australia after funding cuts and plan to increase primetime ads is thwarted.


SBS will launch its new channel, the Food Network, at 1pm November 17th.

The channel, to broadcast on on SBS 3 (Channel 33), follows a major output deal and licensing agreement with US-based Scripps Networks Interactive. Scripps channel brands include Food Network, Cooking Channel, Asian Food Channel, Fine Living Network, Travel Channel, HGTV and DIY.

The announcement follows SBS also being denied recent legislation to allow it to increase its primetime advertising, to address government funding cuts.

Amongst its content, Australian Curtis Stone will feature in Beach Eats USA, along with competition series Kitchen Inferno, and Surfing the Menu.

Scripps-produced content includes Rachael Ray’s 30 Minute Meals, Giada at Home, Reza: Spice Prince of Vietnam, Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern and Diners, Drive Ins & Dives, and Chopped hosted by Ted Allen.

It will also include locally made SBS titles, yet to be announced.

SBS Managing Director Michael Ebeid said: “SBS has a proud reputation for delivering distinctive food programming that allows Australians to delve into different cultures, and today we’re excited to reveal the next course in our food menu. Food Network will offer a taste of something more, with a focus on simple, authentic and accessible everyday food inspiration from around the world, available all day, every day, across platforms, and for free.”

SBS Chief Content Officer, Helen Kellie, said: “We know how much Australians love our food – preparing and sharing meals with family and friends is at the heart of modern Australian culture. Our audiences tell us there’s an appetite for something fresh and different on TV. Food Network will offer everyday food inspiration for all Australians, with accessible cooking using simple ingredients, and food-inspired entertainment and travel for all of the family.”

Food Network Channel Manager, Chris Keely, added: “Whether it’s learning tips and tricks from trusted kitchen masters like Curtis Stone and Rachael Ray, exploring all that’s weird and wonderful as we explore the world’s cuisine with personalities like Reza Mahammad, Andrew Zimmern and Guy Fieri, or getting your thrills with the likes of Ted Allen, Alton Brown and Bobby Flay as they put aspiring cooks to the test, Food Network will be home to some of the most popular programs in this genre.”

All programs will also be available online on SBS On Demand.

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  1. Anyone notice how the ABC has slowly been eroding away the SBS mantle of multiculturalism? Idents with multicultural faces were the start whilst tonight’s 7pm news bulletin is coming from the Parramasala Festival in Parramatta. Made all the more intriguing when you consider the SBS chairman is also on the Board of Parramasala…

  2. With SBS1 and SBS HD taking up the majority of the bandwidth, SBS2 and NITV already look like VHS bootlegs. Can’t wait to see how horrible things look with another channel in the mix…

  3. I’m surprised more foreign cable networks (that aren’t already on Foxtel) haven’t tried to get onto a multichannel yet to be honest.

    There was also talk a while back about Sky News considering moving from Foxtel to a multichannel around the time ABC News 24 launched. Perhaps its co-owners Seven and Nine couldn’t agree on who would give up a multi for Sky 😛

    1. This is exactly what I was just thinking! I know FetchTV launched Food as a means of offering a service similar to that offered by Foxtel (i.e. LifeStyle Food) but if SBS3 is officially going to be branded the Food Network than something has to give – most likely being FetchTV’s channel which will close. If only the government would introduce mandates that Foxtel offer it’s wholly owned channels to other STV providers, or leave the channel industry to the third-parties. But like that’ll happen.

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