Footy Show finale leads quiet night


The shows may have been in the headlines for the wrong reasons but last night The Footy Show hit #1 with their grand final editions, leading Nine to a clear win for the night. The AFL edition in Melbourne was double the NRL in Sydney.

Thanks to a new public holiday it was the eve of a long weekend in Melbourne, leaving no show to top the magic million.

TEN had a good night with The Bachelorette and the return of Gogglebox while Seven’s best was with Seven News.

Nine network won with 35.6% then Seven 22.2%, TEN 21.1%, ABC 16.1% and SBS 5.0%.

The Footy Show (987,000) topped the night for Nine then Nine News (886,000 / 860,000), A Current Affair (815,000), RBT (730,000), King’s Cross ER (688,000) and Hot Seat (448,000).

Seven News (907,000 / 857,000) led for Seven then Home and Away (677,000), The Chase (522,00 / 382,000), Border Security International (331,000 in 2 cities) and movie: About Time (297,000).

The Bachelorette (875,000) again topped TEN’s night. The Project was 590,000 / 428,000, Gogglebox returned to 563,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 461,000 and Law and Order: SVU was 213,000.

ABC News (766,000), 7:30 (609,000), The Chaser’s Media Circus (557,000), The Real Mary Poppins (355,000), Antiques Roadshow (299,000) and The Honourable Woman (253,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was Luke Nguyen’s France (191,000), Ainsley Harriott’s Street Food (186,000), SBS World News (105,000) and Nigella Express (74,000). Masters of Sex was 70,000.

Big Bang Theory may have topped GO! for the very last time on 294,000 given 7mate is picking up episodes (Nine still has Seasons 8 and 9).

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 1 October 2015.


  1. I watched AFL footy show(first time this season because I wanted to see KISS) & during the opening parody song they sang a line about 7’s Restaurant Revolution flopping….ouch!!!

  2. Been watching Survivor rather than recording it now that it’s on in a decent time slot. Thankyou Nine for giving up the Big Bang repeats. Also enjoying The Chase, miles better than Million Dollar Minute.

  3. Not only was the NRL Footy show terrible last night, it’s numbers were even worse. When you have 2 QLD Teams playing, exclusive access to the teams and you have a NRL Grand Final show rating only 113,000 total people in Brisbane!?! and 224,000 in Sydney, there has to be questions asked about the viability of the show at all.

    Lucky for Nine they could be tricky and combine the numbers for AFL and NRL because without each other, neither would have made the Top 30 shows for the night. Dave Smith looked very awkward on the show last night when interviewed by Eric Grothe. After what Nine served up last night, you would think his board and the clubs would be feeling even more uncomfortable with how close he is to them and the recent underwhelming broadcast deal that was done. If that was the best that Nine could do to present their premium product, it is no wonder Rugby League is…

  4. Saw an ad on GO! last night promoting last 2 eps of season 8 of Big Bang on Mon & Tue at 7pm on GO! – yes – 7pm as well. Saying to catch up with the last 2 eps before the new ep on Tuesday night on Nine.

  5. barrington bumbaclaart

    Gogglebox was a real disappointment. Didn’t laugh once or find it entertaining, profound or interesting. In fact the whole thing felt over-produced. The way it was edited destroyed the artifice of the show and stopped me from believing the participants were watching the shows they usually watch. Felt too much like the families sat down for one evening and watched all the shows the producers told them to, which made their reactions seem forced and too knowing, which in turn disengaged me. The producers and editors really need to go and watch more of the British version as they superbly find the balance between natural and produced.

  6. Ten would be happy with gogglebox. Im sure its first season premiere was only 490k so getting better. Bachelorette is just great tv. Recorded footy show. I agree supernerd has the best one liners. Albo was alright on media circus

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised to see TEN bring back The Bachelorette early in 2016. Perhaps the misses with cooking skills will have a choice of young tradies with renovation skills, or vice versa? That scenario would be heaven for the product placement team.

  8. Andrew (while not as good as Bradley, the UK host) is really working well with the chase. If I had to give if any advice, just tone it down slightly more but other then that keep up the good work.

  9. Turned the afl grand final footy show on and saw part of the terrible song at the start and turned it off and went back to the dvd I was watching. Haven’t watched any footy show in a couple of weeks and prior to that would only watch Damien Barrett’s segment and hughesy’s when he was on. I’ll probably go back and just watch the player revue and give the rest a miss. Have yet to watch gogglebox as the episode on the windows phone tenplay app plays with no sound so its unwatchable.

    • What song are you referring to? The footy show doing send up’s which I thought was quite funny or KISS’ Shout it out loud which was solid.

  10. Seven must be kicking themselves they didn’t originally replace DOND with The Chase. They’re giving away hardly any money and it is rating really well. The Supernerd was hilarious yesterday. He’s by far my favourite of the four chasers. Andrew looks like he’s settled into his role now is hosting with great aplomb.

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