Limitless ordered for full season, The Player trimmed.

Good news for TEN but not so good for Seven, in US drama fates.


More news from the US on dramas airing on Australian networks.

Limitless, featuring Jake McDorman and Jennifer Carpenter, has been approved for a full season of 22 episodes.

The drama, which airs in Australia on TEN, is CBS’ first full-season order of the 2015-16 broadcast season and joins Quantico, Dr. Ken, Rosewood and Blindspot as having received full-season orders.

But it’s not so good news for The Player, trimmed from a 13 episode order to just 9.

In US television terms, it’s a sign the show is marked for the axe and will soon join the short-lived Minority Report.

This means Seven was smart to get the show on air quickly, given its only other option was to play it out on a multichannel or over summer. In recent years Nine similarly moved on the dud remake of Charlie’s Angels for similar reasons.

Blood and Oil, yet to premiere in Australia, has also been trimmed to 10 episodes.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Really enjoying Limitless & Quantico. The Player is ok, nowhere near the quality of The Blacklist. Doesn’t sound too promising for it being renewed if it’s been shortened. Just hope they don’t end with a cliffhanger & hope they resolve the mystery of what really happened to his wife.

    Channel 7 stuff being fast tracked late in the year is a pain as they usually get taken off over Christmas when they take it off in the US, but over there they come back in Jan but we have the stupid tennis on then so never get them back on till Feb or later.

  2. I like Limitless, have only seen the three episodes on TEN. Any word on whether it will stay on over summer? Or will we have to wait months and months into 2016 before getting it back?

    1. Too early for summer programming (although ABC may send something soonish). Commercial networks tend to confirm closer to December. If a show has been dropping suddenly it may get a summer flow-on, as there is not much point holding it.

  3. It was nice of CBS to give us early notification that a full season of Limitless will be made, there is however a downside, the same decision was made for Scorpion by CBS, Ch Ten (AU), it seems, got the first few episodes and got the rest calling them season two after about six months.

    After getting no sense from Ten we got the Scorpion DVD, we are now stopping the PVRing of Limitless to wait for the DVD or Netflix, whichever is first, time is not a problem, we get a full season of anything before watching anything

  4. I’m enjoying both Limitless and Quantico, The Player is ok but not really worth continuing if its not rating.

    Interesting seeing Analeigh Tipton on tonight’s ep, Jake’s co-star from Manhattan Love Story, currently airing on 7 in the early hours.

  5. Networks no longer have the money to make replacements, and repeats don’t rate so they can’t afford to yank shows off air. So instead they reduce orders and make only what they need to fill schedules, (and avoid triggering exit clauses in distribution deals).

    Limitless is fun but the plots are very silly. Why mount a chip on the rear bumperbar where it can be seen or fall off and wirelessly connect it to the bomb, why not just build it into the detonator?.
    How does memorising stuff you google, and can just google again on your phone, really help you?

  6. The premise of “Limitless” is well-trodden, but it has an immensely likeable lead character and an irreverent tone which sets it apart. It’s my favourite new show so far, the others have all left me cold. Still a couple to come, though – “Supergirl”, ‘Ash vs Evil Dead”, and “Jessica Jones” also look good to me and start soon.

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