Media slam Kate Ceberano …for getting one word wrong

One word wrong and your national anthem is officially a "shocker?"


According to News Corp, it was a National Anthem “shocker.”

According to Fairfax Kate Ceberano “stuffs up” the National Anthem.

Yes it was moral outrage after Ceberano sang “in history’s stage let every stage Advance Australia Fair,” instead of “in history’s page let every stage.”

Seriously. One word. She didn’t change the meaning. She didn’t sing off key. And like a true pro she kept going and didn’t fall to pieces.

Yesterday was supposed to be about Aussie sport, but it appears another sport was waiting in the wings: knocking tall poppies.

Never mind that she sang live in front of 90,000+ people and another million or two on national TV.

What happened to our Aussie spirit of a fair go? Where was our ability to laugh at ourselves? And frankly most Aussies have forgotten the words to our anthem at one stage or another. Such imperfections are part of our national identity.

Kate Ceberano is ok by me to sing the national anthem anytime she damn well pleases.

Or Bedroom Eyes for that matter.

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  1. I like Kate – fantastic voice and performer but do agree it was poor form getting some of the words wrong of the National Anthem..
    Such a short “song”, with only a few verses.
    I realise she was nervous but did she not rehearse?

    Re GF performances, Chris Isaak was the standout of the day.
    Looked and sounded fantastic.
    Such a shame and quit humiliating that he and his band were playing to 3/4 empty stadium – should have swapped him around with Ellie so he was performing later in the day.

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