1. I am one of the million viewers who are enjoying 800 words. I have never watched an episode of the the cats or dogs make u laugh out loud. Dont make assumptions about people

  2. It really is disappointing that Australians watch cookie cutter crap ‘drama’ like 800 words when on Sunday night there was the far superior The Beautiful Lie which had 400k less viewers…. Im guessing the same people that watch 800 Words are the same muppets that watch cats and dogs make you LOL……

    • harrypotter1994

      Thats a very shallow way of looking at things. Mum and I watched The Beautiful Lie and 800 Words but weren’t interested in any of the Animal LOL specials.

    • I can’t stand snobby attitudes like this. I watched Beautiful Lie and 800 Words, and enjoyed them both for different reasons. Not everyone has the same tastes as you, which is fine 🙂

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