Returning: Italy Unpacked

Andrew Graham-Dixon & Giorgio Locatelli are back travelling along the west coast of Italy.


Andrew Graham-Dixon and Giorgio Locatelli are back for an all-new Italy Unpacked as they make their way along the west coast of Italy.

The art critic and Italian chef pack their bags once again to explore the history, culture, food, art and landscape of the diverse regions they visit.

This is a 3 part series beginning 8:30pm Thursday on SBS.

Episode One: “In The Footsteps Of The Poets”
Andrew and Giorgio start their journey in Liguria and the twosome’s first stop is Genoa, once a great maritime republic that still displays its wealth in opulent Baroque palaces with their glamorous decor and splendid paintings by Van Dyke and Strozzi. Giorgio makes the simple dish that the city is famous for: a classic pesto Genovese. Then it’s on to the Cinque Terre, a scattering of villages by the sea that are accessible almost solely by boat.

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