Revival survey -don’t forget these shows!

Readers are adding to the list of shows they want revived on TV Tonight's survey. Check out the "Other" category.

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The votes have been rolling in for TV Tonight‘s survey asking you to nominate the shows you would love to see revived -whether as reboots, remakes, sequel or prequels!

More than 850 votes have been received, choosing your favourites across the genres of Drama, Comedy, Light Entertainment, Children’s, Game Shows and Reality.

Shows from the 1980s and 1990s are polling particularly well and there are some clear winners in some categories, amongst suggestions put forward by TV Tonight.

But readers are also not shy in adding to the list, under the “Other” option.

In Drama you have been particularly vocal in adding to the list: Water Rats, Sons & Daughters, E Street, Always Greener, Stingers, City Homicide and Farscape.

Additional titles added to Comedy include Comedy Inc., Full Frontal, Skithouse, The Hollowmen and Life Support.

In Light Entertainment, the “Other” suggestions include Agony Aunts, Video Hits, Tonight Live, The Circle and Ready Steady Cook.

Add to the Game Shows Who Dares Wins, Press Your Luck and Gladiators.

Kids have not forgotten Spellbinder, The Early Bird Show, Wombat, Ship to Shore and Shirl’s Neighbourhood.

But the Reality Shows don’t have much consensus with most answers under “Other” insisting “None of the Above” and “Make it Stop” as typical responses!

Remember, these are not the category winners -but the titles you’ve pencilled in because they were not included in the options.

Survey closes October 31 and results will be announced next week.

You can Vote here!

13 Responses

  1. I’d settle for getting most of these shows out on DVDs. It feels like the only Aussie shows from before about 2010 that got DVDs were shows that lasted years and years, and there was a huge struggle to get most of them. Obviously we’ll never get a show like A*Mazing on DVD (does that come under kids or game shows?), but there’s no reason they couldn’t put The Mole or Gladiators out.

  2. It would be terrific if Its a Knockout came back to 10. I have enjoyed this show during the non-ratings period in 2011-12. Not only that but the Video Hits.

  3. I have mentioned this before but Video Hits should be back I know some people will say that the Loop is similar, but its not the same, this will always remind us and TEN that axing VH was a dumb move. Anyway Seven did revive Gladiators for about a season about 8 or 9 years ago it was hosted by Tom Williams and Zoe Naylor. The original Australian version was hosted by Kimberley Joseph and Aaron Pederson and later Mike Hammond. I think Who Dares Wins would be great but again legal issues and insurance would thwart that idea. I remember about 10 or 11 years ago Seven re-running it on weekday afternoons. Also I would love it if SportsTonight came back even if only on weekends on ONE post the news.

    1. I haven’t included LifeStyle / Factual. I won’t mind if you add them in Light Entertainment, but if you’re the sole voice it probably won’t make the final report, which will list top shows. Don’t let that put you off though!

  4. Man O Man, It’s A Knockout, Wide World of Sports (four hours every Saturday afternoon like when Gibbo and Tangles hosted it), Sports Sunday, 11AM, Tonight Live with Steve Vizard, Where Are They Now?

  5. Are Round the Twist, Seven’s The Big Breakfast/Big Arvo, All Music Video, The Weakest Link, Million Dollar Minute, Wheel of Fortune, Rove Live, Deal or no Deal and children’s series T-Bag acceptable?

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