Santo, Sam & Ed: “The decision was made for us”

No more Total Football from this FOX Sports trio, but they promise to return sometime, some place.


In case you missed it, last week Santo, Sam & Ed’s Total Football confirmed it would not be returning to FOX Sports after 2 seasons.

The trio tweeted that they were undecided about returning anyway, but “the decision was made for us” after FOX opted not to renew. With the A-League‘s October-May season, it doesn’t leave much downtime for Working Dog’s busy year with Have You Been Paying Attention?, Utopia and Pacific Heat.

But the trio may well be back come World Cup time somewhere, given they have been on SBS before too.

FOX Sports did not respond to enquiries.

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  1. A terrific show and we miss it, breaks up the serious football/soccer shows and the ho hum commentators, Tara Rushton..we dont get her and Bozza thinks the same the way as he blantantly takes over the Sunday show from her as she is so scripted.And Simon Hill the would be commentator I think he broke the record saying”Derby” last Sat Night

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