Seven pits Big Bang against Karl Stefanovic

Big Bang reruns set to compete with The Verdict -on Seven not 7mate.


Look out Karl Stefanovic, Sheldon and Leonard are comin’ to get you…

Next week Seven is pitting Season 6 episodes of The Big Bang Theory against Nine’s new panel show The Verdict.

This will be in addition to earlier episodes screening on 7mate.

8:30pm Thursday October 15th
“The Date Night Variable / The Decoupling Fluctuation”
Howard discovers that he can’t escape his mother – even in space! Later, when Sheldon learns that Penny is thinking about breaking up with Leonard, he tries to intervene.

This week The Verdict faces repeat episodes of Highway Patrol.

Meanwhile Gogglebox, The Principal and Changing Minds also screen this Thursday.

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  1. With Big Bang on Nine\GO, 7Mate and Comedy Channel, I think we are around 30-40 eps showing per week and that’s not including the Comedy+2 channel or late night\following day reruns.
    I can see why 7Mate started with Season 3, as Comedy started from Season 1 when it returned to weeknights.
    It’s a shame we can’t have new content on rather than endless reruns. Last night Eleven played a two year old rerun of Graham Norton at 8.30pm, surely there is some first run content they have access to air.

  2. I used to loathe Nine for relying on TBBT as a form of lazy programming to pump up ratings. Now it looks like Seven is doing it too :((
    By the way, I personally think that Ten should have acquired the rights to the TBBT repeats – it is not a long term solution to their woes but at least it may do better than Modern Family.

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