TEN looks to more Bachelor franchise


TEN is set to add After the Rose specials for The Bachelor and The Bachelorette in 2016, according to reports.

Smart move. Instead of giving first interviews to The Project, Studio 10 and radio, it’s worth getting a post-show reunion for a fervent audience.

Real Housewives of Melbourne has cleverly done this, as have US reality shows.

Imagine if we’d been given one last year after Blake Garvey’s proposal. Ratings would have gone through the roof.

The Bachelorette is also likely to be longer next year.

“Absolutely we would make it longer,” TEN’s Head of Entertainment and Factual Programs, Stephen Tate, told News Corp. “It all comes down to casting, but this season has given us great confidence.”

TEN is also mulling spin-offs Bachelor Pad and Bachelor in Paradise -the latter has been under consideration for more than a year, before the network opted for Bachelorette.

Bachelor Pad brings together contestants from both series who go on dates and undertake challenges for a cash prize. Bachelor in Paradise similarly involves previous contestants, but set in a tropical location.

What, something wrong with Dating Naked?


  1. Pretty sure they did an After The Rose with Tim & Anna and all the other girls on that series for the first series of The Bachelor. Then they just didn’t bring it back for whatever reason (though I thought they passed on it as they could’t really hold one since Blake and Sam had split). Was surprised to see none for Sam and Snezana though.

  2. Can’t the Government limit the amount of hours reality shows take up primetime. Whatever political party decides to bring that policy into motion that party would be very popular with voters.

    • Secret Squïrrel

      “…would be very popular with voters.”
      Or possibly not, given how consistently well reality shows rate.

      Think I’d still vote for whichever party I judge will do the least bad job of running the country, with economic performance at the top of the list, enforcing truth in all advertising somewhere in the middle, and telling us what we are or are not allowed to watch not even on the list.

      • That argument that Reality Shows rate highly is debatable, last night The Block and Dancing With the Stars didn’t quite make it to 2 million viewers (if you were silly enough to believe the ratings figures) – so that’s 21 million Australians whom found something more interesting to do on a Tues night than watch reality… Free to Air commercial TV has been bleeding viewers to pay tv, timeshifting, online streaming, DVD viewing, other online activity and a multitude of other things and their response has been to put on more and more reality (which is cheap to make but a highly perishable product) – this hasn’t helped them and their business model is facing a realization that its going to be failure unless something changes.

        • Secret Squïrrel

          Well, we can argue about how accurate the current ratings system is some other time, but that near 2 million is just live viewing for the 5 main capital cities. Need to add in regional figures for those states plus NT, ACT, and Tas and then add in PVR and catch-up numbers.

          Plus, you’re assuming that the bulk of the population (let’s call it 20M) don’t watch reality shows because they hate them enough to vote for a party that would restrict their broadcast. I think you’ll find that there are a heap of people who don’t care much for TV of any persuasion and, like me, they’ll be voting based on other criteria.

  3. Bachelor Pad is awesome, On The Bachelor and The Bacherlorette they all try and come across as pure and super nice, but put them on the Bachelor Pad and money is up for grabs you see their true personalities come out and they all start getting it on with each other, so not as pure as they make themselves out to be!!! Bring it I say!

    • Have to agree TVTim. The first time I watched Bachelor Pad I was quite shocked at how differently some of the contestants were in this format. So long as they don’t run it every year, it can really work. I would love to see Laurina and many others on such a format. It’s a chance to get a second look at some of the contestants and see who they hook up with, if at all.

      Yet to see Bachelor in Paradise, but will do so soon.

  4. Just don’t do a Masterchef and kill your golden goose! Especially with the rumours that they are looking to bring back Junior Masterchef in 2016 as well. After the Rose specials would be smart though, and a longer Bachelorette.

  5. “Absolutely – we will make it longer” and it will be padded out, aired 7 nights a week and edited into such an ordeal that the audience will switch off next season, and then we’ll all sit around wondering why and try to work out some other reality singing/dancing/cooking/renovating/weight loss dreck we will have to launch to replace it.

  6. The networks truly do just repeat the same mistakes over and over and over again. You can have too much of a good thing and if they put too many spin offs to air next year all they will do is damage the ratings of their original bachelor brand. Exhibit A – Masterchef. An After the Rose special makes sense, all the other ones mentioned though are completely unnecessary.

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