The Box stars to attend 40th Anniversary screening

Judy Nunn, Cornelia Frances, Tracy Mann & Geraldine Turner will attend a screening of The Box feature film.


Original cast members from classic Aussie soap The Box will attend a 40th Anniversary screening of the spin-off feature film in Sydney next week.

Judy Nunn, who played bisexual reporter Vicki Stafford, Cornelia Frances (Dr S.M. Winter), Tracy Mann (Tina) and Geraldine Turner (Lindy) will be in attendance to relive TEN’s 1970s series about life at a television station.

But it will be the appearance of Lois Ramsey, who played tea lady Mrs H, who will be guest of honour.

The 93-year-old actress has never seen the movie before.

“She will have the best seat in the house and deservedly so too,” says Backdoor Cinema founder and TV Historian Andrew Mercado.

“The film is famous for being the acting debut of Graham Kennedy. But it’s also quite startling to see the hilarious unabashed nudity. I originally saw it as the first part of a double bill at a drive-in with a school group. Our teacher deliberately arrived late thinking we’d miss most of the naughty stuff but how wrong he was!”

A DVD Volume 3 has also just been released through Crawfords.

“Given how many other black and white series from this era were destroyed, it is incredible that The Box has survived,” says Mercado. “It’s fascinating to watch it knowing that it was often based on real people in a time when TV making was quite different from today.”

Number 96
Shift Bar, Oxford Street
7:30pm Tuesday October 6

The Box
Alexandria Hotel, Sydney
8pm Thursday October 8
Ticket are $10 each

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  1. It could be argued that Graham Kennedy’s acting debut was in “They’re a weird mob” in 1966, or maybe it was a cameo? He’s also supposedly in “On The Beach” as an extra walking along Swanston Street outside the Classic restaurant.

    1. Dede, spot on, Weird Mob was just a cameo but The King’s first full acting performance was in The Box with him giving feedback on what his character would say. The experience also gave him the confidence to move forward – and into Don’s Party next.

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