The Muppets land full season order

Comedy coming soon to Seven has received a full season order of 16 episodes.


The Muppets has received a full season order of 16 episodes.

US ABC network has ordered an additional 3 episodes, from its initial 13 episode run.

Variety reports the series has performed respectably for the network but reaction to the show has been mixed, with some criticism of the more ‘adult tone’ under Big Bang co-creators.

The show follows the behind-the-scenes activities of Miss Piggy as host of a late-night show, produced by Kermit the Frog even though the two have ended their long relationship.

Seven has indicated it is coming “soon” to Australian screens.

The Muppets joins Quantico, Dr. Ken, Grandfathered, The Grinder, Rosewood, Blindspot, Limitless and Life in Pieces to score an additional episode order while Minority Report, Blood & Oil, The Player, Truth Be Told and Lookinglass have all had episodes trimmed.

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  1. Now let’s see.
    Disney merged with ABC TV Network in 1995 for (US) $19 billion and eventually took over the lot.
    Disney purchased the rights to the Muppets from the Jim Henson Company in 2004.
    Disney announced a reboot for the Muppets with the 7th movie (The Muppets) in 2011 followed by the 8th (Muppets Most Wanted) and a new TV series. On ABC TV of course.
    No doubt there are Muppet-land adventures scattered throughout various Disneylands and Worlds in California, Florida, Japan and France.
    It would be a very unwise producer at ABC Studios to pull the plug on a rebooted Muppet franchise, wouldn’t you think?

  2. Not much of a full season. It’s 3 extra eps, not the typical 9-13.

    The Muppets has lost over half its premiere audience and isn’t really pleasing traditional Muppets fans or attracting many new fans. It rated 1.4 (18-49) and 4.3m (total). It’s probably doing well enough to scrape renewal.

    It’s been “coming soon’ for some time, though they stopped the promos some time ago.

      1. Don’t know about that David, its very rare (possibly even unheard of) to toss out the “limited series” line/excuse for a 30 min comedy series that launches in fall, especially a heavily promoted one such as this.

        I would imagine Variety has pulled its “respectable” performance out of the network’s PR release, as nobody outside of PR would be calling a heavily promoted show losing almost half its opening audience within 2 weeks of its premiere “respectable”, disastrous would be apt, especially when it can’t be said to be have stablised yet given it had the week off for Charlie Brown.

        Add the ratings to the mostly middling to negative reviews from fans and critics and the minimal extra episode order reads more like using a DOA show to fill in scheduling gaps

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