The Verdict third in timeslot but Nine wins Thursday

Ratings: It was beaten by Caught on Dashcam & Gogglebox, but it's currently being beaten down by negative chatter.


Nine had wanted to attract plenty of chatter about its new panel show, The Verdict. On that score it’s job done.

But most of the chatter is negative, with bad reviews and trending on social media with criticism of the Ben Elton variety. What it didn’t want was for the show to struggle in the ratings.

Last night it drew 522,000 viewers, third in its timeslot and down on its lead-in. Given the push the show received it might have landed higher. But it’s early days and Nine has four more editions yet to roll.

TEN’s Bachelorette won its timeslot with 855,000 while The Principal lifted by 3,000 on its first outing to pull 364,000 for SBS.

Nine network won with 28.3% then Seven 26.9%, TEN 21.9%, ABC 16.8% and SBS 6.2%.

Nine News (926,000 / 902,000) led for Nine then A Current Affair (886,000), The Block (721,000), Hot Seat (540,000), The Verdict (522,000) and Hoges: One Night Only (386,000).

Seven News (926,000 / 865,000) was best for Seven then Home and Away (705,000), Highway Patrol (698,000), The Chase (579,000 / 370,000) and Caught on Dashcam (572,000). The Amazing Race was 193,000.

The Bachelorette (855,000) won for TEN. The Project was 599,000 / 417,000, Gogglebox was 559,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 487,000 and Law and Order: SVU was 279,000.

ABC News (778,000), 7:30 (753,000), The Chaser’s Media Circus (609,000), Changing Minds (338,000), Antiques Roadshow (296,000) and The Honourable Woman (248,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS The Principal drew 364,000, then Poh and Co. Best Bites (233,000), SBS World News (124,000), and Masters of Sex (89,000).

GO!’s Big Bang Theory led multichannels with 324,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 8 October 2015

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  1. The Verdicts problem was the promoted these “great minds” on the panel and had Latham and Lambie. Seriously? Who wants to tune in to see those two or hear thier views? Get a decent panel and it will rate, not political regents with agendas galore. As for the Amazing Race, my recorder gets a workout – there is no way I will stay up that late to watch but I am at least thankful they are showing it. As others have said, 7:30/8:30 (or even 6:30 on a Sunday night) would work a lot better.

  2. The second episode of The Principal was intriguing – things are definitely not what they seem.
    A couple of completely unexpected twists and turns, including Bashir’s toilet “liason” and Tarek’s murdered brother’s likely involvement in a clandestine extortion racket.
    Canteen mum and the young African guy also appear to be involved in the murder in some way or at least know who was responsible.
    Great to see an intelligent local drama for a change.

  3. Not that it effects me because I’m so far behind in Grimm anyway (mid way through s3) but it didn’t show last night for a Blacklist repeat. Isn’t that what their weekends are for?

  4. Watched ‘The Verdict’ during commercial breaks in other show I was actually watching, which means I caught most of both!. I did catch the view of some unknown (to our house) male opining that it was a pity that Troy Newman’s mother hadn’t had an abortion. Quality discussion.
    It was car-crash 101. So bad you wouldn’t watch it but you just had to take a look. An uncontrolled rabble, no moderation by the host, redish set much like Q&A, what appeared to be ‘tweets’ that were unreadable. It was to Q&A as Rolls Royce is to Goggomobil T250. But guess it was even cheaper than Seven’s Cats and Dogs fillers.

  5. Seven has always treated TAR with contempt. They can easily put it on Seven2 or 7mate at a decent time but choose not to.

    At least Nine puts Survivor on GO at the very reasonable time of 8.30pm.

  6. Ouch for The Amazing Race. Deserves so much more. Why can’t Seven do with TAR what Nine does with Survivor – put it at a reasonable hour on a multichannel and promote it once in a while.

      1. All good points David. Although, I still think a multichannel 7.30/8.30pm slot would work well for a show like TAR. If they want Survivor flow-out, they could replay it on Seven still, but have it premiere on 7Two days earlier.

    1. It doesn’t bother me what the time slot is, I record it.
      I watch it for the travel aspect but find most of the American contestants somewhere between unappealing and offensive. The contestants are generally so uncharismatic I can’t see it attracting a wide audience so a graveyard slot is probably appropriate. In my ideal world SBS would show the international series of TAR with subtitles.

  7. The fact that Nine put The Verdict on Thursday says they really did not think it would work. Seriously Karl as host! Maybe they should get Sam Newman, Billy Brownless, the Johns brothers, Shane Warne, and Beau Ryan and devote next weeks episode to the plight of women in our society?

  8. I think the problem is the name The Verdict. It sounds like an American Judge Judy-type show. The set is also a problem – far too cluttered and American looking. There also needs to be a more disciplined approach to the discussions, everybody was shouting over everybody else and it seemed to be going nowhere. There just didn’t seem to be any point to it at all, it looked more like a dummy-run pitch rather than a program meant to go to air.

    1. Agree re: the set. Too much. Too try hard. Perhaps they should have spent the money on planning the show. Having the usual “headline grabbers” takes away the appeal as I feel its going to just be a lot of hot air and “Controversial comments” just for the sake of it.. Would rather hear experts from specific fields discuss issues.

  9. I think The Verdict has a future but needs a lot of fine tuning. Its format was a mish mash of many others. The music after the breaks was similar to Today. The sliding in fast zoom was just like The Footy Show. This is really lazy stuff and if the show is to succeed it needs to find its own identity. I will give it another go. Despite my criticism there was some worthwhile content.

  10. It always amuses me how to give themselves some sort of credibility the commercials like to mimic the ABC. For a start I am no fan of Karl’s , but obviously bored with Today he thinks he will be taken seriously with the Verdict. I am not surprised it didn’t do well as the inclusion of Lambie and Latham would have been a turn off for me anyway.

  11. Didn’t watch The Verdict but with the panelists involved, it looks like they intended the show to be one big argument, which would turn a lot of people away. Respectful and insightful discussion would be better rather than choosing people to bicker with and talk over the top of each other. Again, I didn’t watch it but that was the impression a lot of people would have got just be looking at the panelists involved.

  12. Dissappointed with Gogglebox yesterday Of the first four shows reviewed 3 were reality. Redoing x factor again lost my attention and then bring tbl after that made me switch off. I’m not interested in watching reality and certainly not interested in watching people watch reality.

    For those who were complaining yesterday that the principle borrowed ideas or was cliché I bet they weren’t expecting that ending yesterday.

    1. As well as that, it was clear that most of the viewers had no interest in watching the second part of a two-part Doctor Who story. I’d imagine that the ABC (and the BBC for that matter) wouldn’t be happy with such negative criticism for one of their flagship shows.
      Watching them all whinge their way through the show, most of them on their phones as they did so, had me switching off.

    2. I tend to agree although I’m not willing to give up at all.
      X factor was only a short segment and was probably only due to Justin Beiber which I can excuse them for. Surprised they didn’t do both NRL and AFL grand finals as I thought most families were from Sydney but maybe I’m wrong about that. Must be from Melbourne.

      Hopefully less reality next week. Would like to see them watch 800 words, Limitless or Heroes Reborn.

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