Thursday 15 October 2015

Report: Daily Free-to-Air Share
Channels:All Free-to-Air Channels
Market: 5 City Metro (aggregate figure)
Demographics: Total People (incl. guests)
Day-part: 18:00 – 24:00
Overnight and Consolidated
Network ABC10.5%11.4%
Network ABC23.5%3.2%
Network ABC30.5%0.5%
Network ABC News 241.4%1.4%
Network ABC TTL15.9%16.5%
Network 717.1%18.8%
Network 7TWO5.9%5.7%
Network 7mate3.4%2.3%
Network 7 TTL26.4%26.8%
Network 916.9%19.3%
Network GO!4.5%4.8%
Network Gem4.1%3.7%
Network 9 TTL25.5%27.8%
Network TEN19.6%16.1%
Network ONE2.1%2.6%
Network ELEVEN4.0%3.6%
Network TEN TTL25.7%22.3%
Network SBS4.9%5.5%
Network SBS 21.4%1.0%
Network NITV0.1%0.2%
Network SBS TTL 6.4%6.6%


Report: Top 20 Programs
Channels:All Free-to-Air
Market: 5 City Metro (aggregate figure), Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth
Demographics: Total People
Day-part: 02:00 – 26:00
RankDescription (grouped)Channel\Market(r) 5 City MetroSydneyMelbourneBrisbaneAdelaidePerth
1THE BACHELORETTE AUSTRALIA THURSNetwork TEN930,000286,000322,000150,00067,000106,000
2NINE NEWS 6:30Network Nine925,000307,000294,000178,00071,00074,000
3SEVEN NEWSNetwork Seven918,000226,000277,000153,00091,000171,000
4NINE NEWSNetwork Nine903,000252,000318,000187,00077,00069,000
5A CURRENT AFFAIRNetwork Nine898,000290,000277,000162,00083,00086,000
6SEVEN NEWS / TODAY TONIGHTNetwork Seven869,000226,000273,000134,00082,000155,000
7RBT -RPTNetwork Nine795,000216,000279,000158,00076,00066,000
8RBTNetwork Nine755,000217,000251,000139,00073,00075,000
9ABC NEWS-EVNetwork ABC733,000211,000205,000132,00085,000101,000
10HOME AND AWAYNetwork Seven719,000194,000183,000160,00069,000113,000
117.30-EVNetwork ABC690,000195,000200,000128,00064,000103,000
12GOGGLEBOXNetwork TEN674,000202,000248,00089,00061,00075,000
13HIGHWAY PATROL SPECIALNetwork Seven608,000176,000185,000116,00049,00082,000
14THE PROJECT 7PMNetwork TEN570,000148,000170,000112,00066,00074,000
15THE CHASE AUSTRALIANetwork Seven547,000164,000169,00070,00055,00089,000
16FAMILY FEUDNetwork TEN532,000156,000148,00083,00060,00085,000
17THE CHASER’S MEDIA CIRCUS-EVNetwork ABC522,000168,000155,00083,00047,00069,000
18HOT SEATNetwork Nine490,000126,000161,000117,00047,00039,000
19TEN EYEWITNESS NEWS FIRST AT FIVENetwork TEN457,000107,000130,00085,00055,00080,000
20AUTOPSYNetwork Seven427,000134,000124,00080,00035,00053,000


Report: Top 20 Programs
Channels:All free-to-air Multi Channels
Market: 5 City Metro (aggregate figure), Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth
Demographics: Total People
Day-part: 02:00 – 26:00
RankDescription (grouped)Channel\Market(r) 5 City MetroSydneyMelbourneBrisbaneAdelaidePerth
1JUDGE JOHN DEEDNetwork 7TWO269,00079,00071,00051,00044,00024,000
2THE BIG BANG THEORY -EV TX2Network GO!256,00052,00069,00057,00032,00046,000
3PETER RABBIT-EVNetwork ABC2246,00074,00081,00051,00017,00022,000
4BEN AND HOLLY’S LITTLE KINGDOM-EVNetwork ABC2226,00072,00068,00052,00014,00020,000
5DOC MARTINNetwork 7TWO225,00071,00059,00028,00033,00034,000
6DINOSAUR TRAIN-EVNetwork ABC2209,00065,00071,00038,00012,00022,000
7THE BIG BANG THEORY -EV TX1Network GO!206,00045,00038,00054,00023,00046,000
8SURVIVOR: CAMBODIA -EVNetwork GO!205,00049,00060,00033,00036,00027,000
9PUFFIN ROCK-PMNetwork ABC2201,00070,00066,00034,00015,00015,000
10NEW TRICKS -EVNetwork Gem201,00059,00055,00041,00023,00022,000
11SHAUN THE SHEEP-EVNetwork ABC2197,00072,00053,00035,00017,00021,000
12PEPPA PIG-PMNetwork ABC2197,00051,00067,00048,00015,00016,000
13OCTONAUTS-PMNetwork ABC2196,00068,00059,00039,00012,00018,000
14MIKE THE KNIGHT-AMNetwork ABC2194,00046,00043,00038,00027,00039,000
15THE SIMPSONS EP 2 RPTNetwork ELEVEN189,00060,00056,00035,00024,00014,000
16NEIGHBOURSNetwork ELEVEN180,00055,00058,00032,00022,00013,000
17THOMAS AND FRIENDS-AMNetwork ABC2172,00042,00039,00035,00021,00035,000
18PEPPA PIG-AMNetwork ABC2169,00038,00039,00039,00018,00034,000
19HEY DUGGEE-AMNetwork ABC2169,00034,00054,00035,00018,00028,000
20GRUEN XL-EVNetwork ABC2168,00056,00051,00024,00017,00021,000



Free to Air: 25-54 demographics (Overnight)

RankDescription (grouped)Channel\Market(r) 5 City MetroSydneyMelbourneBrisbaneAdelaidePerth
1THE BACHELORETTE AUSTRALIA THURSNetwork TEN538,000154,000184,00091,00041,00068,000
2GOGGLEBOXNetwork TEN418,000119,000158,00059,00030,00052,000
3A CURRENT AFFAIRNetwork Nine315,00097,000106,00065,00030,00018,000
4RBT -RPTNetwork Nine311,00085,000117,00055,00035,00019,000
5HIGHWAY PATROL SPECIALNetwork Seven309,00096,00084,00064,00026,00039,000


Free to Air: 18-49 demographics (Overnight)

RankDescription (grouped)Channel\Market(r) 5 City MetroSydneyMelbourneBrisbaneAdelaidePerth
1THE BACHELORETTE AUSTRALIA THURSNetwork TEN516,000154,000179,00079,00041,00064,000
2GOGGLEBOXNetwork TEN398,000112,000151,00054,00030,00051,000
3THE PROJECT 7PMNetwork TEN275,00070,00087,00045,00037,00036,000
4HIGHWAY PATROL SPECIALNetwork Seven270,00090,00073,00051,00024,00032,000
5A CURRENT AFFAIRNetwork Nine260,00080,00087,00057,00025,00011,000


Free to Air: 16-39 demographics (Overnight)

RankDescription (grouped)Channel\Market(r) 5 City MetroSydneyMelbourneBrisbaneAdelaidePerth
1THE BACHELORETTE AUSTRALIA THURSNetwork TEN393,000121,000138,00058,00028,00048,000
2GOGGLEBOXNetwork TEN277,00072,000112,00038,00020,00034,000
3THE PROJECT 7PMNetwork TEN198,00049,00057,00034,00025,00034,000
4HOME AND AWAYNetwork Seven165,00046,00042,00038,00019,00019,000
5HIGHWAY PATROL SPECIALNetwork Seven159,00052,00039,00037,00016,00016,000



Report:   Top 20 Programs
Channels:National STV
Market: National STV
Demographics: Total People
Day-part: 02:00 – 26:00
RankDescription Channel\Market(r) National STV
1BACK IN TIME FOR DINNERLifeStyle Channel62,000
4BLENDEDFoxtel Movies Premiere57,000
7PAW PATROLNick Jr.50,000
10PEPPA PIGNick Jr.44,000
12PEPPA PIGNick Jr.43,000
13CURIOUS GEORGENick Jr.42,000
17HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER111Greats40,000
20PEPPA PIGNick Jr.38,000


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  1. Thursday is ch10’s night and Wednesday is 2nd best night for them. News still in trouble. Are you going to let 7 kill your News Service 10? Fight it and go to 5:30 to 6:30 with Family Feud as the lead in.

    Watched The Bachelorette with my wife and we enjoyed it very much.
    Recorded Doc Martin and Judge John Deed on 72 for another day.
    Recorded old version of New Tricks on GEM for another day as well.

    Watched Episode 10 and 11 of From Earth to the Moon on PRESTO with Chromecast device on our lounge TV.

    NBN components being delivered for 27th of Oct install. More streaming coming up with a super fast FTTH NBN service and even better Gateway 😉

    I wonder if TV Week will have more pages dedicated to Streaming services as the NBN expands across the country? If they were smart – they would.

  2. bettestreep2008

    Thursday is Ten’s best night by far. Good to see them giving seven and nine some competition – albeit one night a week.

    As for the Verdict – it was funny knowing that more people watched the Gogglebox families rubbish the first episode than watch the second episode.

    I agree with others – it won’t last much longer. Stefanovic’s dreams to join 60 minutes will have to wait.

  3. Media Circus has been flat a few weeks recently – I’d say a combination of poor guest casting, soft writing, and not having Tony Abbott and some of his old gang in the spotlight anymore.

      • “Meister” is a big word that does not apply in his case even as a joke and thank goodness I don’t have to be ashamed of our PM any longer. Politics aside – he was a big embarrassment imho 🙁

  4. Interesting to see that Googlebox ratings on Channel 10 seem to have lifted for this series from the first series earlier in my years which is a rarity in the modern TV landscape. Seems people now understand the show. The 30% dropoff for The Verdict from last week signal it’s won’t be renewed for next year.

    • FTA TV will do streaming to survive and expand. Seven is starting very soon.
      That way they can reach all the young ones living in rented accommodation, with no or poor antenna service, to receive FTA TV programmes only streamed – to make it independent of RF transmission services. So they all Download and Stream and the FTA TV Networks are waking up to this and in my opinion will survive if they stream their programmes. New units for Casting from your Wi-Fi Gateway/Router are being released all the time and the Chromecast dongle is under $50 and works well into your HDMI TV input and is controlled by your Tablet, Laptop or Smart Mobile Phone on Android or IOS for Apple. Apple TV unit also works very well to achieve this.

      So the technology is here now. People like me can enjoy it even more with Fibre to the home NBN.

      Streaming will revive

      • Steaming will revive the FTA/ PayTV and other related industries for film and television as it provides easy access for those not on Cable or via RF transmission systems due to no reliable reception. The Internet provides a service to fill that void and the more the NBN or Cable or NBN RF distribution expands, the more people will use it to watch spoon fed TV from the FTA steaming services or select their own programming from Presto, Stan, Netflix etc and also the free Sony Crackle service, to name a few available right now. 🙂

  5. I remember really enjoying Media Circus last year but it just doesn’t seem as good or as funny this year. I can’t quite put my finger on what’s changed in the show to make me feel this way though.

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