1.81m watch The Block winners announced

Ratings: The Block's auction ratings were amongst TV's biggest in months.


1.81m watched as Dean and Shay were announced as winners of The Block with a 2.3m sale for their South Yarra penthouse.

The bulk of the show drew 1.58m viewers. The numbers were lower than the Triple Threat season this year at 2.03m / 1.97m but they are some of the best numbers for a non-Sports show in months.

Against such heated competition there was little else of note last night. Part 2 of Hitting Home drew 613,000 viewers for ABC and new SBS observational series Kebab Kings was 232,000.

Breakfast numbers were particularly high with Today edging out Sunrise.

Nine network won with 35.2% then Seven 24.1%, ABC 19.1%, TEN 16.1% and SBS 5.6%.

In preliminary numbers Nine News was 980,000 / 976,000, A Current Affair (908,000), The Verdict (548,000) and Hot Seat (481,000).

Seven News (1.05m / 996,000), Home and Away (761,000), The Chase (571,000 / 399,000), Blindspot (490,000) and Aussie Barbecue Heroes (465,000). The Blacklist was 329,000.

ABC News (855,000) led for ABC then 7:30 (717,000), Kitchen Cabinet (626,000), Hitting Home (613,000) and Q & A (509,000).

The Project (551,000 / 424,000) was best for TEN. TEN Eyewitness News was 498,000, Modern Family was 344,000 / 304,000, Madam Secretary was 302,000, and The Good Wife 244,000.

On SBS Kebab Kings was 232,000, then Underground Britain (229,000), SBS World News (135,000) and Fargo (130,000).

7TWO’s Rosemary and Thyme led multichannels at 215,000.

Today: 374,000
Sunrise: 372,000
ABC News Breakfast: 116,000 / 58,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 25 November 2015

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  1. Last night was a cracking good night of TV. Really enjoyed that ep of Madam Secretary and that Good Wife episode was my fave of the current season so far. Alicia cracked me up especially when Eli found her in bed with Peter!

    1. I too enjoyed yesterdays ep of Madam Secretary. One of the better eps of the season so far. Next eps ep looks good to if the promos are anything to go by. Yet to watch the good wife as its a bit late of start time but good to know its a good ep.

  2. Seems I am not the only one to finally give up on Madam Secretary. For me, the premise of Madam Secretary by day and normal Mum by night has worn thin – and I have been waiting for more of Morgan Freeman but two minutes in the first ep of season 2 has been it so far.

    1. Interesting view. Personally I love the balance between the family life and her work life. I highly doubt you will see much more of Morgan Freeman, felt like too much of a one off unless Elisabeth becomes president for real and gets sworn in

  3. Did Underground Britain really beat Kebab Kings? Probably deserved to, Kebab Kings wasn’t very good at all. A weird mishmash of thoughts and narratives that I found barely funny, interesting, enlightening or entertaining.

    1. Oh, I enjoyed Kebab Kings.
      An entertaining snapshot of some of the weird and wonderful, (and some not so wonderful characters), of inner city Sydney and Melbourne in the wee small hours.
      The Moslem Smith Street kebab shop owners seem like a lovely couple.
      All the staff work incredibly long hours.

      1. I can see the appeal, just thought it was executed poorly. I also wonder how they managed to get proper consent from all the faces we saw? Particular those who were drunk and misbehaving. Surely a small sign in the shop window isn’t enough to be able to broadcast whoever you want on national TV, especially as it was filmed somewhat covertly? I smell dubious ethics on CJZ and SBS’s part.

    2. I found it intriguing and enlightening. Production values are rough and ready but the people were amazing. The woman from OzTurk Kebabs was so big-hearted and wonderful. A lot of the customers were rough around the edges after a big night but oddly endearing too. I assume everyone who appeared signed waivers, whether they were in their right minds is another issue… but I’m glad this weird little slice of life was captured. And a great antidote to the manufactured world of The Block.

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