2015 ratings: Seven wins Total People, Nine tops Demos, TEN rises.

Everyone's a winner in the 2015 ratings results.


Everyone’s a winner in the 2015 ratings results, with all 3 commercial networks having something positive to crow about.

Seven has won Total People for the 9th consecutive year.

Nine has won the Demos for the 4th consecutive year.

TEN was the only commercial network to increase its primetime share. SBS also increased its share.

TEN, ABC and SBS all increased primary channel shares. While Seven and Nine dropped, this was partly due to TEN regaining some lost ground in recent years.

NETWORK * (2014 in brackets)
Seven: 29.3%  (30.4)
Nine: 28.1% (29.2)
TEN: 18.8% (17.9)
ABC: 17.6% (17.4)
SBS: 6.2% (5.2)

OzTAM is yet to issue final Consolidated figures for 2015 (it won’t do that until January), but so far here are the results for 5 city metro:

1 AFL On Seven: The Grand Final Seven 2,645,000
2 State Of Origin Rugby League Qld V NSW 2nd – Match Nine 2,517,000
3 Rugby League Grand Final Nine 2,458,000
4 State Of Origin Rugby League NSW V Qld 1st – Match Nine 2,349,000
5 State Of Origin Rugby League Qld V NSW 3rd – Match Nine 2,255,000
6 AFL On Seven: The Grand Final: Presentations Seven 2,215,000
7 Masterchef Australia – The Winner Announced Ten 2,203,000
8 My Kitchen Rules – Winner Announced Seven 2,180,000
9 My Kitchen Rules – Grand Final Seven 2,142,000
10 The Melbourne Cup – The Race Seven 2,130,000
11 The Block Triple Threat – Winner Announced Nine 2,054,000
12 AFL On Seven: Grand Final: On The Ground Seven 2,054,000
13 The Block Triple Threat – Auctions Nine 2,000,000
14 Masterchef Australia – Grand Final Part 2 Ten 1,896,000
15 Rugby League Grand Final Presentation Nine 1,824,000

It is worth noting that State Of Origin figures lift once GEM simulcast figures are added for Perth (to 2.653m) but OzTAM Consolidated numbers did not merge these figures. It was a similar discrepancy in 2014 reportage.

ABC’s biggest series of the year was The Killing Season averaging 1.14m. Best series for SBS was Struggle Street’s averaging 1.06m.

PRIMARY CHANNEL:* (2014 in brackets)
Seven 20.7% (21.8)
Nine 19.7% (21.2)
TEN 13.4% (11.9)
ABC 13.0% (12.7)
SBS 4.9%  (4.1)


Nine: 30.2%
Seven: 28.3%
TEN: 23.7%
ABC: 12.1%
SBS: 5.7%

Nine: 30.3%
Seven: 28.1%
TEN: 24.7%
ABC: 11.4%
SBS: 5.5%

Nine: 30.8%
Seven: 28.0%
TEN: 25.5%
ABC: 10.5%
SBS: 5.1%


Director of Programming, Angus Ross, said: “We’re delighted to be the most watched network in a competitive year. We head to 2016 in great shape. We have key franchises, we have successfully launched new programmes. The Chase is a success and momentum is with Seven News. We are about creating great content and our portfolio of new programmes and the Olympic Games in Rio will see us deliver again in 2016.”

Director of Production, Brad Lyons, said “The success of two major mini-series, Catching Milat and Peter Allen, the success of My Kitchen Rules and House Rules, and launching two new drama series – Winter and 800 Words – is extraordinarily gratifying and reinforces our belief in investing in and committing ourselves to Australian production. The breakout success of The Chase must be acknowledged. We are not resting on our laurels. There is more to come. Watch this space.”

Tim Worner, CEO of Seven West Media, said: “Our track record of success over the past decade is built on great people and great ideas. We move into 2016 delivering our content to anyone, anywhere and on any device. This has been a landmark year with our own live-streaming of our channels beyond linear broadcast television. Leadership in this changing world is something we will never take for granted. Next year, we can predict one thing: audiences engaging with our content will continue to grow.”


Michael Healy, Director of Television for the Nine Network, said: “We finish this year having achieved precisely what we set out to do. That is, to maintain our position as Australia’s leading network with the key demographics we target and the ones preferred by advertisers. Our strategy is bang on target. It is enormously gratifying to achieve this result for the fourth consecutive year.”

“Overnight viewing figures only tell part of the story,” he said. “Viewers are now enjoying our content in a myriad of ways. This year we introduced an internal metric to measure this data and we look forward to an industry-wide format being available in the near future.”


Ten Chief Executive Officer, Paul Anderson, said: “Growth, momentum, consistency and innovation are at the heart of our strategic direction and we delivered strong results in all four areas this year.

“We have finished 2015 with our biggest network and main channel prime time audience in years.

“We are the only primary commercial channel and the only commercial network to increase their prime time audiences this year, and TEN has seen 25 to 54s audience growth in two- thirds of the 63 half-hours that make up prime time each week,” he said.

TEN Chief Programming Officer, Beverley McGarvey, said: “The original, innovative and engaging content we offered this year across multiple delivery platforms clearly resonated with viewers.

“Successfully launching five new local series in one year is an outstanding result. At the same time, our key existing local shows increased their audiences, dominated their timeslots, or both.”

MULTICHANNELS:* (2014 in brackets)
7TWO 4.7% (4.6)
GO! 4.6% (4.6)
7mate 3.9% (4.0)
GEM 3.8% (3.4)
ABC2 2.8% (2.7)
ELEVEN 2.8% (3.0)
ONE 2.6% (3.0)
ABC News 24 1.2% (1.1)
SBS2 1.1%  (0.9)
ABC3 0.6% (0.9)
NITV 0.1% (0.1)

*Wks 7-48, 2015 (excludes Summer, Easter) Metro, 1800-2400 Data: Consolidated (Live + As Live + TSV) prior Wk 48, Overnight (Live + As Live) Wk 48.

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  1. With the advent of pay TV and then the internet, I thought the free to air networks would have died a death long ago. But they’ve hung in so far. I think they’re all doing okay, considering there is so many ways to watch TV now.

  2. Australia’s victory over New Zealand in the 2015 Cricket World Cup Final was the most-watched cricket match ever in Australia, peaking at 4.218 million viewers nationally. The second innings of the match, which saw Australia winning the match with seven wickets to spare, averaged 2.404 million in the five capital cities and 3.285 million nationally. A further 522,000 watched Australia’s inning on pay-TV channel Fox Sports 3, while 492,000 watched the first session.

    3.196 million viewers peaked in for the 2015 Cricket World Cup semi-final between Australia and India broadcasted on Network Nine.

    The first ever Day/Night test match between Australia and New Zealand attracted nearly 2 million viewers across the country during the first two days of the match at Adelaide Oval. The third and eventually the final day of the match, attracted a peak national audience of 3.19 million.

  3. Bit of a mixed bag really, 10 really need to get a move on with the Live Streaming, as do 9, but at least they announced they are onto it, while 10 seem to be sticking their heads in the sand and pretending it doesn’t matter…. Personally as a heavy user of the 7Plus/Live streaming I absolutely love it, so much so that some nights I will not even turn on the TV, I just watch on my Ipad… this is the “new normal” networks better get on board or risk being left behind in a major way. All 10’s small problems are gradually becoming bigger when rolled into the greater scheme of things, 9’s multi offering with 9Life has been doing a roaring business very early on, again 10 are left dithering

  4. Seven and Nine are both down a percent in share but they’ve lost more than that because the overall numbers are lower. People are simply watching less commercial TV no matter how you fiddle the stats.

    As best I can recall, my Aus commercial network viewing this year consisted of:
    Seven – a socceroos match on 7 and a movie on 7mate.
    Nine – nothing
    Ten – I watched an F1 race at a friend’s house and resolved to never do that again. I had forgotten about all the ads and how absolutely awful Matt White and Alan Jones are. Oh, and I watched the first RPM – it was worse. RPM in name only, not even a shadow of its namesake.

    I would not shed a tear if the govt took their nearly free of charge public spectrum back and gave it to people to snapchat pictures of their genitals to each other.

  5. Holding your place in a shrinking pie is not winning, it’s losing slower.

    Ten was the only who did better. They have increased their audience in absolute terms, taking viewers <55 from Nine and Seven. They have increased their share of the 3 major commercial networks ad revenue from a low of 19% to 23% for September. However, to stay afloat they have tied their fate to Murdoch.

  6. The secret to Channel Seven’s success is their absolutely pathetic Plus7 streaming service. Most people would gladly watch any show live just to avoid using it. Any visitor who happened upon it would think they’d entered a third world country.

    1. Plus7 isn’t good. When I tried to binge watch old seasons of a place to call home on plus 7 a while ago had freezing issues occurring around about the time the ads were supposed to kick in on both the fetch and a pc.

  7. Content is king and all the networks in particular the commercial are all failing at providing good content on a regular basis.

    Who cares about the ratings when ratings can easily be manipulated anyway.

    1. I agree that I’m caring a lot less about what’s on free to air and looking at options away from the tv for entertainment purposes. Yesterday I decided that I was going to give up watching Quantico and Blindspot because channel 7 chose to play around with the schedule. Its rare for me to give up shows that are still keeping my attention when watching but I’m tired of chasing shows around the schedule so I’m done with those shows and that’s 7s fault.

      1. tvf, you mentioned above that you have fetchtv. I have one too, and watch both those shows. I just set the series tag and they’re recorded automatically so I’m not really sure what you mean by having to chase them around the schedule?

        1. Recently started using series tags and its full of issues so its made no difference to chasing shows around the schedule. F.T.A epgs are inaccurate so have to add extra time to each recording. If a double episode is thrown in the schedule than fetch will see that as 2 recordings due to the extra time. Therefore if another show is scheduled on another channel at same time it won’t record cause of the overlap. Same applies to shows that follow each other. If I schedule a one off show with no series tag and its a busy night I won’t know till the day about the clashes so I still have to check. And then there were issues with empire series tag not working properly for weeks so that had to be set manually. I could go on with the issues. Fetch tv series tag is not set and forget and just as much work as manual. The protect shows feature that can only be used with series tags and requires…

          1. I’ve been using series tags since I got FetchTV a year ago, so I’ll see if I can help as I rarely have an issue with it.
            1. I have it set up to automatically start recording 5 mins before show starts and 15 mins after. That goes for everything, tags or not. I think only once or twice missed an ending.
            2. I’m not sure what the problem is with double episodes? Can you only record 1 channel/show at a time? I can record 2 at once. My box treats double episodes same as if it was recording 2 different shows one after the other, it just stops at the end of show 1 and starts the next one straight away. EG when I playback Blindspot, when it finishes it automatically starts playing Blacklist that I have recorded after. I have no ‘overlap’, ie Blindspot recording doesn’t have 15 mins of Blacklist on end of that recording, and Blacklist doesn’t have 15 mins of Blindspot at beginning. The…

          2. @kemcee
            I can record 2 at once. 1st channel, series tag is for one episode with time added before and after, but a double episode was scheduled so it treats it like two programs. Both eps were scheduled. 2nd channel series tag set for 1 episode but had a double episode scheduled to begin when first episode on 1st channel ended. In this case the first episode was not scheduled to record and only the second episode was scheduled to record. The only explanation can be that it didn’t schedule the first episode on the 2nd channel because of the overlap. I don’t know how it would’ve recorded cause I checked it and made amendments to ensure it would record.
            I don’t see any difference between manual and series tags. They both have their own issues and any advantages from one or the other tend to cancel each other out.

  8. I would love Ten to rise some more. They are offering some quality shows but feel they need to review a few areas. Firstly they need to work out what One aims for? Seems to me the programming is all over the place and is a miss-mash of programs. I feel One should become their Police/Action drama show station (Tv Hits). They have an array of CBS programs to offer which could be packaged into a station offering (. Eleven is okish but they need to vary some of the daytime programs. 6th continuous run of Jag and Charm (for example) is enough. On their primary channel they need to tackle that 6pm to 7.30pm space which allows them to gain audience in their prime show offerings. I still say they would be best to start reality shows at 7pm to get a jump on the others. The Project whilst doing okish just cant seem to grow that audience. Its been running long enough but just cant cut the mustard…

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