78% of SVOD users try Netflix


17 per cent of Australians watched SVOD services such as Netflix, Stan or Presto in the six months to June according to new data released today.

Media watchdog ACMA surveyed 1,505 Australian adults in May and June and found Netflix was used by 78% of SVOD users.

In September TV Tonight published Audience Inventory results of 1015 Australians surveyed and reported 78% of SVOD users were Netflix users.

Here are some of AMCA’s findings:

Use of SVOD services

The ACMA survey found that an estimated 3.2 million adult Australians (17 per cent) watched video content via SVOD in the six months to June 2015, and 2.2 million (12 per cent) in the last seven days at June 2015.

Launched in March 2015, Netflix accounts for the majority of SVOD services used in Australia. An estimated 2.5 million adult Australians (14 per cent) used Netflix Australia to stream TV shows or movies in the six months to June 2015 (Figure 1).

Amongst SVOD users, 78 per cent used Netflix Australia in the six months to June 2015, and 88 per cent in the past seven days at June 2015.

SVOD user profile

Those with the following demographic characteristics are more likely to be SVOD users if:

they are younger (18–34 years old)
work full-time
have a degree
live in a household with children (of any age)
have an income of $100K+ per year
own an Apple TV.
For example, 34 per cent of people living in a household with children are SVOD users, compared to 17 per cent of those who live in a household with no children.

Why are SVOD services becoming so popular?

Streaming services allow a user to watch video content on their own terms—at any time that suits. Almost half of SVOD users (49 per cent) reported this as one of the main benefits of accessing video content online, as compared to watching content on pay TV or free-to-air television. Greater choice of content (44 per cent) and lower cost (21 per cent) were other major benefits reported by SVOD users (Figure 3).

SVOD users are more likely than non-users to recognise these benefits, with only 30 per cent of all adults identifying ‘watching at a time that suits’ as a main benefit of watching video online.

Satisfaction with technical quality

The majority of SVOD users (78 per cent) are satisfied with the technical quality of the online video content that they access. Four in 10 SVOD users (40 per cent) reported to be ‘very satisfied’ and a further 38 per cent ‘somewhat satisfied’.

While satisfaction with the technical quality of online content is high, more than half (55 per cent) of recent SVOD users experienced technical problems associated with viewing online video content in the seven days to June 2015.

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  1. Secret Squïrrel

    The most curious thing about this is why has it taken ACMA 4½ months to collate and tabulate this data, add some infographics, get it checked and approved, and publish it? ACMA’s wheels turn really slowly don’t they?

    Fortunately, since from 1 Dec there will be less things that people will be allowed to complain about regarding TV content, plus ACMA have made it harder for people to do so, they won’t have to spend so much of their time getting networks to give their staff yet more training and will be able to devote more resources to conducting surveys.

  2. I think original content is king with Netflix. The TV shows they develop are some of the best so even if you do exhaust the non-original content, they are consistently adding high quality productions and exclusives to their service. If you like their originals, it’s a huge enticement to sign up and then not to cancel.

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