On Hiatus


From today TV Tonight enters summer Hiatus mode.

This means the site will publish a morning news wrap Monday to Friday. There will be limited posts on weekends.

Please note there will also be delays to Comments, Ratings and Calendar -your patience is appreciated during this time.

There are still features, interviews and reviews to be published over this time, and a chance to look back over the 2015 year.

A few more weekly TV Tonight newsletters are coming (you can subscribe here if you’re not on the list).

And it is nearly time to get underway with the annual TV Tonight Awards.

thanks, David.


      • you say you’re on hiatus but you’re always still working all the way through it. It’s won’t be long before you’ll have a “hiatus” hernia, if you keep up this level of work.

  1. The Collins Online Thesaurus describes ‘hiatus’ thusly “pause, break, interval, space, gap, breach, blank, lapse, interruption, respite, chasm, discontinuity, lacuna, entr’acte”‘ by the time you get through all those words David you’ll be glad to get back in the harness. Personally I like “blank lapse”. Have a tearaway holiday Mate, you deserve it

    • Yes hasn’t it just !
      Thanks for another wonderful year of TV Tonight, David.
      Best wishes for a damn fine and rejuvenating break.

      And now the telly wasteland begins in earnest….

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