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After a long absence, Maeve O’Meara returns to SBS in January for her seventh series, Food Safari Fire, looking at how cultures across the world cook with fire.

Food Safari Fire is the most heart-beat-faster television we have ever made. Across the world, we all have a magnetic attraction to fire – it’s an elemental link, something buried deep in our psyche – and our new series explores how chefs and backyard cooks harness the power of flame to create some of the most delicious dishes on earth,” she said.

Food Safari returns in a blaze of glory to explore how diverse cultures across the world cook with fire. Hosted by Maeve O’Meara, Food Safari Fire is an inspired ten-part series that is a feast for the senses and a must-see for barbecue-lovers, devotees of the wood-fired oven, spit roasters, smokers and those keen to learn new techniques from the gurus of the flame. From the 5000 year old tandoor of India to the sacred ground ovens of Peru and the south Pacific; from the open barbecues of the Americas to the wood fired ovens of the Mediterranean, Food Safari Fire is a complete exploration of one of the world’s hottest food trends.

Each episode follows a different cooking style and reveals secrets for preparing food for the fire including the best cuts, marinades and spices, plus the professionals’ insider tips on cooking techniques. The power of the simple act of grilling is highlighted across a diverse range of cultures, including Japanese, Chilean, Italian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Greek, Chinese and Mexican. From the wonders of wood-fired pizza and bread to the delicious South American and Sardinian spit roasts, to sizzling tandoori chicken and the succulent and satisfying smoky flavours of twelve hour brisket and pulled pork, Food Safari Fire reveals the secrets of these timeless and highly-developed styles of cooking.

The behind-the-scenes magic of the Food Safari series’ continues as Maeve returns to the backyards and kitchens of real Australia. She explores both the preparation of food for the fire – the special butchery, sauces and flavours – and the different uses of flame, smoke and other ancient cooking devices to create the best dishes at home.

There are practical tips to better harness the power of fire in a domestic setting, with different ways to fire up the barbie, new spice mixes to use as marinades, how to cook the perfect steak, plus new techniques for simply delicious and achievable results.

Get ready to join Maeve on a journey of discovery through food and fire as she travels the country, connecting with vibrant home cooks, top chefs and small businesses specialising in cooking with fire. Food Safari Fire is the ultimate series full of succulent and smoky dishes, passionate and knowledgeable people, all brought together through a rich tapestry of cultures and cuisines.

“Food Safari has a reputation for incredible visuals and this Fire series captures those delicious moments when fat and juices drip onto coals to perfume the food cooking; the close-ups on slow cooked lamb in all its fall-off-the-bone glory; a pizza straight from the oven . . . You can almost smell the aromatic smoke and taste those simple, perfect, unique flavours. Food Safari Fire is a food lover’s dream and a celebration of the evolving world of Australian food.” – Maeve O’Meara

Thursday 7 January at 8.00pm on SBS.


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