Airdate: Into the Badlands


On Tuesday Showcase will screen US action drama Into the Badlands.

This brand new AMC series launches tomorrow in the US and will screen Express from the US in Australia.

‘Into the Badlands’ is a genre-bending martial arts series very loosely based on the classic Chinese tale Journey to the West. In a land controlled by feudal barons, ‘Into the Badlands’ tells the story of a great warrior and a young boy who embark on a journey across a dangerous land to find enlightenment.

Tuesdays from November 17 at 8.30pm.


  1. Journey to West is better known by the popular English translation with the title Monkey! Something they aren’t publicising. That was an archetypal quest through the wilderness to retrieve sacred scrolls to restore enlightenment to a wasteland.

    This is a story of feudal power struggles and violence in a post apocalyptic wasteland. Very much like all the other Hollywood post apocalyptic stories based on Vogle’s plot point treatment of Campbell’s archetypes drawn from comparative mythology on quests. It seems to be “loosely” (read not at all) based on Journey To The West because that is 400 years out of copyright and might deter nuisance copyright law suit from other people who plunder the same material for their pitches.

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