Airdate: Up Reasonably Late with Fitzy & Wippa


Nova radio hosts Fitzy and Wippa will tonight front a special, Up Reasonably Late with Fitzy and Wippa, on TEN at 11pm.

Described as a one-off it’s not clear if the special is a precursor to more content in 2016.

The TV show has the breakfast radio hosts leaving the tracksuit pants in the radio studio and dressing up for a late night audience. Seated behind the desk, Fitzy and Wippa have a surprisingly high profile roster of guests for a low profile, one-off late night show.

A pre-record that was close to live-to-tape, the show keeps a live, spontaneous vibe with a highlight being a chat between NRL player Sam Burgess and comedian Joel Creasey, who are interviewed on the couch together. Creasey, with a complete lack of knowledge and interest in sports, is a great foil for a very game Burgess.

The radio duo are also joined by 2015 Eurovision entrant Guy Sebastian for a chat.



  1. There’s a long list of “radio on tv” style shows that have been tried over the years with commercial radio talent. There’s a big difference between putting something on in the car to pass the time and choosing to watch a tv show.

  2. The Things I've Seen.

    So I tried this to see what it would be like. First ad break I changed channel. I’m sure they are great people, but they need to do more to grab my attention then just announce who is going to be on the show before they go to an ad break.

  3. Let’s just remember – this was supposed to be a bit of a pisstake, thus being given the “prime time” slot of 11pm Friday. The buildup to this on radio was every celebrity saying no to appearing on the show.

    P.S: The chat with Guy was 80% fashion and 10% sport. And a high-profile female guest pulled out the day before, so let’s not overthink this too much.

  4. Just another blokey chat/panel show talking about sport. They even talked sport with Guy Sebastian. Are females not allowed to watch or appear on chat shows?. The best thing about Dirty Laundry was that it wasn’t blokey or gender targeted.

  5. God, I hope this is better than that train wreck that Kyle and Jackie “the kiss of death for a program” O did. There is a reason why these guys are radio stars and not TV stars

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