Airdate: Westside


There’s an awful lot of New Zealand content creeping into summer schedules -because they attract local quota points under current regulations.

The good news is fans of Outrageous Fortune will get to see Westside, the prequel which premiered in NZ in July this year.

The series is set in the 1970s against a backdrop of real-life historical events and will tell the story of legendary safe cracker and career criminal Ted West (originally played by Frank Whitten), his wife Rita and their son Wolfgang.

“All That Impedes Thee from the Golden Round”

Ted West is released from a 3 year stretch in prison to find out one of his former gang members could be a snitch and Lefty has taken over the leadership role. Unhappy with how Rita and Wolf have been treated, Ted sets about putting things right.

10:30pm Wednesday December 2 on GEM.


  1. Well I for one welcome more NZ content as opposed to US. Not that I don’t like US shows, but we’re flooded with them and Australian and NZ shows are closer to home for us.

  2. Andrew Mercado

    Thanks for highlighting this David – can’t wait to see it! But wouldn’t you think after the success of 800 Words – Australia’s highest rating drama although actually more a NZ show given it’s filmed in NZ with their crews and many of their actors – that NZ drama might actually be looked at as having a bit more potential?

  3. As a massive fan of Outrageous Fortune, I’m happy that this gets air time in Oz. Let’s just hope Nine play out the whole season at a consistent time slot on GEM.

  4. Channel 9 is by far the biggest abuser of this loophole!

    Change the legislation now!

    56 hours of scripted produced by the commercial networks excluding the soars last year!

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