ARIAs soft as ratings year winds down

Ratings: It was tops with younger viewers, but the ARIAs were down on their 2014 performance.


It was #1 on Twitter and in the 16-39 demos but last night’s ARIA Awards didn’t set the ratings on fire, with 461,000 across its nearly 3 hr broadcast and just 406,000 for the Red Carpet.

Last year against the Big Brother finale the show drew 602,000 for the Red Carpet and 574,000 for the Awards.

Thursday was another low-rating night, with all shows under a million viewers.

7:30‘s interview with Malcolm Turnbull won its timeslot, as did A Current Affair before it.

Seven won the night with Home and Away its best in entertainment.

Seven network share was 31.6% then Nine 25.7%, TEN 20.4%, ABC 16.4% and SBS 6.0%.

Seven News (933,000 / 899,000) topped the night for Seven then Home and Away (670,000), Inside the Queen Mary 2 (642,000), Surveillance Oz: Dashcam (623,000), The Chase (532,000 / 637,000) and Mighty Cruise Ships (448,000). The Amazing Race was 118,000.

Nine News was 910,000 / 855,000, ACA (718,000), Alisa and Lysandra to the Rescue (583,000) and Hot Seat (490,000). Movie: Safe Haven was just 286,000.

TEN could not rise above the 500,000 mark with TEN Eyewitness News (489,000), The Project (472,000 / 366,000) and ARIA Awards (461,000 / 406,000).

ABC News (760,000), 7:30  (734,000), The Chaser’s Media Circus (536,000), Call Me Dad (301,000), Antiques Roadshow (227,000), Agony (225,000) and Please Like Me (113,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was Shane Delia’s Moorish Spice Journey (230,000), Luke Nguyen’s Memories of France (173,000), Destination Flavour Japan (171,000), SBS World News (116,000) and The Fall (115,000).

7TWO’s Vicar of Dibley was best on multichannels at 272,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 26 November 2015.

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  1. I didnt watch the red carpet because its borring. Anyway my main gripe of this years ARIAs was that the telecast was not Live in all states. The awards themselves were pretty good. the stage and seating arrangements were more accustomed to the contemporary awards nights. There were alot of newbies though jst wondering how relevant they will be in 2 years time, which makes Tina Arena’s achievements all the more amazing. Good on her for speaking her mind also, i think the same can be said of TV at times.

  2. I guess I wasn’t the only one who turned the red carpet off when within the first five minutes they had a pathetic Alvin and the Chipmunks cross promotion instead of actually interviewing artists.

  3. We turned on the TV around 7.30 and tuned into the ARIAs. My husband found it woeful so we switched to SBS. Later that night I watched The Office & Extras on ABC2. Commercial networks aren’t drawing much in the final week of the year. So different to years ago when they brought out the big guns. I’ve already seen 7 advertise MKR – help me please!!

  4. Well Jessica Mauboy must be breathing a sigh of relief….that means not many people saw the awful monstrosity of an outfit that she was wearing !!! (no I didn’t watch but the photos are everywhere this morning)

    1. Which one?
      They were both hideous – they really didn’t flatter and made her look 10 pounds heavier then she probably really is.
      Shame as she’s such a vibrant, attractive girl.
      Tina’s performance with Jess and The Veronicas was the highlight of the night, along with her acceptance speech.
      The only one though as the rest was pretty boring.

  5. I watched the ARIAs broadcast last night and it was totally decent but bar Tina Arena’s amazing speech, Australians being played on local radio & Women over 40 comments being standouts, there wasn’t much else to tune in for apart from performances. Sorry but Osher just wasn’t funny – don’t know why awards hosts always try to be funny 24/7

  6. Such a shame Nine didn’t have anything decent on last night to enjoy 9HD – the news looked great, I even left on ACA which is unusual at our house! After watching Survivor on 9GO!, I left on the Bond movie but couldn’t help thinking why they would not have saved Skyfall or a decent premiere movie for us to enjoy in HD on 9HD.

    Will be interesting to see how 9Life goes – I can see the content on it last night would definitely have been an option for many on a night with little to offer.

    As for the ARIA’s you wouldn’t expect it to appeal to many over the age of 25…

  7. “and just 406,000 for the Red Carpet.”

    As someone with perhaps more than a passing interest in a nice frock, that had to be the worst Red Carpet ever. Performances, chats with personalities, and hardly any frocks. Pointless. And really, really annoying.

    “the 16-39 demos but last night’s ARIA Awards didn’t set the ratings on fire”

    (Sadly) I’m no longer in that demo, and I really have no idea who 80% of the nominees are. (and quite possibly wouldn’t think much of the music if I did). Given victory to 1D and 5SOS in the popular vote awards, I think it’s pretty clear which side of this particular bread is buttered.

    1. I have just surpassed the 16-39 demo myself and the only part I enjoyed most was the Tina Arena performance with The Veronicas and Jessica Mauboy. Great powerhouse performance from our Aussie gals indeed and I guess the younger demographics wouldn’t appreciate that as much. Music is not what it used to be anymore..or maybe it is just me being old 🙂

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